Title 50. Motor and Non-Motor Vehicles and Traffic.

Subtitle I. Commercial and Government Vehicles. Back to Top
Chapter 1. Food Delivery Insurance and Driver Safety.
Chapter 2. Public-Owned Vehicles.
Chapter 3. Regulation of Taxicabs.
Chapter 4. Uniform Classification and Commercial Driver's License.
Subtitle II. Consumer Protection. Back to Top
Chapter 5. Automobile Consumer Protection.
Chapter 6. Installment Sales of Motor Vehicles.
Subtitle III. Environmental Protection. Back to Top
Chapter 7. Alternative Fuels Technology.
Chapter 7A. Clean Car Standards.
Chapter 8. Environmental Plates and Protection Fund.
Subtitle IV. Motorized Vehicle Registration, Inspection, Licensing. Back to Top
Chapter 9. Department of Motor Vehicles.
Chapter 9A. Department of Transportation.
Chapter 10. Driver License Compact.
Chapter 11. Inspection.
Chapter 12. Liens on Motor Vehicles or Trailers.
Chapter 13. Motor Vehicle Owners and Operators Responsibility.
Chapter 13A. Salvage Title, Flood Notification, and Non-Repairable Vehicle Certification.
Chapter 14. Operators' Permits and Identification Cards.
Chapter 15. Registration of Motor Vehicles.
Chapter 15A. Tour Bus Enhancement.
Subtitle V. Non-Motorized Vehicles. Back to Top
Chapter 16. Regulation of Bicycles.
Chapter 16A. General Helmet Use.
Subtitle VI. Safety. Back to Top
Chapter 17. Child Restraint.
Chapter 17A. Distracted Driving Prevention.
Chapter 18. Mandatory Use of Seat Belts.
Chapter 19. Motor Vehicle Operators; Implied Consent to Blood-Alcohol Content Tests.
Chapter 19A. Pedestrian Safety-Advisory Council.
Chapter 20. Senior Citizen Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Course Certification.
Chapter 21. Vehicle Cover Requirements.
Subtitle VII. Traffic. Back to Top
Chapter 22. Regulation of Traffic.
Chapter 23. Traffic Adjudication.
Subtitle VIII. Vehicles on Public and Private Space. Back to Top
Chapter 24. Abandoned and Junk Vehicle Removal.
Chapter 25. Public Parking Authority.
Chapter 25A. Performance Parking Pilot Zones.
Chapter 25B. Ward 1 Residential Parking.
Chapter 26. Regulation of Parking.
Chapter 27. Scrap Vehicle Title Authorization.