Chapter 1. Public Welfare Supervision.

§ 4-101. Board of Charities, Board of Children's Guardians, and National Training School for Girls abolished.[Omitted]
§ 4-102. Board of Public Welfare--Created; successor to abolished Boards; employees transferred.[Omitted]
§ 4-103. Board of Public Welfare--Composition; appointment; term of office; vacancies; residency requirement; removal; compensation.[Omitted]
§ 4-104. Board of Public Welfare--Officers; meetings; authority to make rules, regulations, and orders.[Omitted]
§ 4-105. Director of Public Welfare.
§ 4-106. Institutions placed under control of Board.
§ 4-107. Institutional personnel under supervision of Board; duties of superintendent; appointment and discharge of personnel.
§ 4-108. Rules and regulations relating to admissions of persons and administration of institutions.
§ 4-109. Registration records; system of accounts.
§ 4-110. Powers of Board of Charities transferred.
§ 4-111. Supervision over institutions supported by congressional appropriations.
§ 4-112. Submission of plans for new institutions; investigation of institutions.
§ 4-113. Members and employees to have no interest in contracts.
§ 4-114. Powers of Mayor over dependent children.
§ 4-115. Limitation in number of dependent children.
§ 4-116. Children over whom Board shall have supervision.
§ 4-117. Investigation of children; confidentiality of records; study of physical and mental conditions.
§ 4-118. Commitments by Family Division of Superior Court; placement by Board.
§ 4-119. Commitment of children under 17 years of age.
§ 4-120. Duties of Trustees of National Training School for Girls transferred.
§ 4-121. Annual budget; report of activities; recommendations; study of social and environmental conditions.
§ 4-122. Visitation of wards.
§ 4-123. Discharge from guardianship.
§ 4-124. Duties and responsibilities of Board.
§ 4-125. Assisting child to leave institution without authority; concealing such child; duty of police.
§ 4-126. Assistance application form standardization.