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It shall be the duty of the Board to prepare and submit to the Mayor of the District of Columbia, in such manner as he shall require, an annual budget itemizing the appropriations necessary to the proper discharge of the duties imposed by law upon the Board and for the support and maintenance of the institutions under its management. The Board shall also submit to the Mayor an annual report of its activities and the work carried on under its direction, together with its recommendations for securing more efficient and humane care for all persons in need of public assistance. The Board shall study from time to time the social and environmental conditions of the District of Columbia and shall incorporate in its reports the results thereof and recommendations designed to further safeguard the interests and well-being of the children of the District of Columbia and to diminish and ameliorate poverty and disease and to lessen crime. Except in the placement of children in institutions under the public control, the Board shall when practicable place them in institutions or homes of the same religious faith as the parents; provided, that whenever the Board shall for any reason place the child with any organization, institution, or individual other than of the same religious faith as that of the parents of the child, the Board shall set forth the reason for such action in the record of the case. Inmates of public institutions shall be given the fullest opportunity for the practice of their religion.

(Mar. 16, 1926, 44 Stat. 210, ch. 58, § 13.)


Prior Codifications

1981 Ed., § 3-122.

1973 Ed., § 3-123.

References in Text

Board of Public Welfare abolished: See note to § 4-102.

Change in Government

This section originated at a time when local government powers were delegated to a Board of Commissioners of the District of Columbia (see Acts Relating to the Establishment of the District of Columbia and its Various Forms of Governmental Organization in Volume 1). Section 401 of Reorganization Plan No. 3 of 1967 (see Reorganization Plans in Volume 1) transferred all of the functions of the Board of Commissioners under this section to a single Commissioner. The District of Columbia Self-Government and Governmental Reorganization Act, 87 Stat. 818, § 711 (D.C. Code, § 1-207.11), abolished the District of Columbia Council and the Office of Commissioner of the District of Columbia. These branches of government were replaced by the Council of the District of Columbia and the Office of Mayor of the District of Columbia, respectively. Accordingly, and also pursuant to § 714(a) of such Act (D.C. Code, § 1-207.14(a)), appropriate changes in terminology were made in this section.