Chapter 22. Water and Sewer Authority.

Subchapter I. Declaration of Policy. Back to Top
§ 34-2201.01. Findings and declarations.
Subchapter II. General Provisions. Back to Top
§ 34-2202.01. Definitions.
§ 34-2202.02. Establishment of the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority; general purpose of the Authority.
§ 34-2202.03. General powers of Authority.
§ 34-2202.04. Establishment of a board of directors.
§ 34-2202.05. Duties of the Board.
§ 34-2202.06. General Manager; employment and duties.
§ 34-2202.06a. Storm Water Administration.[Repealed]
§ 34-2202.06b. Storm Water Permit Compliance Enterprise Fund.[Repealed]
§ 34-2202.06c. Storm Water Advisory Panel.[Repealed]
§ 34-2202.07. Water and Sewer Enterprise Fund; assets of the Water and Sewer Utility Administration of the Department of Public Works; transfer of funds and assets; pledge of revenues.
§ 34-2202.08. Delegation of Council authority to issue bonds.
§ 34-2202.09. Power of the Authority to issue revenue bonds and notes or other obligations.
§ 34-2202.10. Delegation of Council authority to issue bonds.
§ 34-2202.11. Delegation of Council authority to issue bonds.
§ 34-2202.12. Transfer of funds.[Repealed]
§ 34-2202.13. District repayment option.
§ 34-2202.13a. Defeasance of bonds.
§ 34-2202.14. Procurement system inapplicable.
§ 34-2202.15. Merit personnel system inapplicable.
§ 34-2202.16. Charges and fees and rate setting.
§ 34-2202.16a. Low-impact design incentive program and fee discounts.
§ 34-2202.17. Transition provisions.
§ 34-2202.18. Existing agreements.
§ 34-2202.19. Transfer of function and redelegation of authority.
§ 34-2202.20. No inurement to private persons; exemption from District taxation.
Subchapter III. Enterprise Fund Operation and Maintenance Account. Back to Top
§ 34-2202.41. Operation and Maintenance Account.