• Current through October 23, 2012

(a) All appointments, rules, regulations, orders, administrative issuances, obligations, determinations, agreements, and understandings made, established, issued, promulgated, or entered into under the authority of subchapter I of this chapter, shall remain in effect until amended, modified, superseded, or repealed.

(b) The Public Access Corporation established in accordance with § 34-1229, may continue to serve as the Public Access Corporation required by § 34- 1253.02(a); provided, that the Corporation shall amend its bylaws to be consistent with the provisions of this subchapter.

(c) The funds in the special account established by § 34-1207.01, shall be transferred to the special account established by § 34-1252.03.

(Aug. 21, 1982, D.C. Law 4-142, § 1405, as added Oct. 9, 2002, D.C. Law 14-193, § 2(b), 49 DCR 7334.)


Legislative History of Laws

For Law 14-193, see notes following § 34-1251.01.