Chapter 10. Minimum Wages.

Subchapter I. General. Back to Top
§ 32-1001. Findings and declaration of policy.
§ 32-1002. Definitions.
§ 32-1003. Requirements.
§ 32-1004. Exceptions.
§ 32-1005. Authority of Mayor.
§ 32-1006. Regulatory powers of Mayor.
§ 32-1007. Investigatory powers of Mayor.
§ 32-1008. Duties of employers; open records.
§ 32-1009. Posting of act and regulations on premises; distribution of copies to employers.
§ 32-1010. Violations.
§ 32-1011. Penalties; prosecution.
§ 32-1012. Civil liability.
§ 32-1013. Limitations.
§ 32-1014. Collective bargaining.
§ 32-1015. Application to revised wage orders.
Subchapter II. Repealed Provisions. Back to Top
§§ 32-1031 to 32-1049. Findings and declaration of policy; definitions; minimum wage and overtime compensation; workweek; wage orders; exemptions of certain employees from minimum wage and overtime provisions; powers and duties of Mayor; investigations; statements from employers; reconsideration and revision of wage orders; ad hoc committees; committee reports of findings and recommendations; failure to report; issuance of revised wage orders; notice and hearing; notice and effective date of orders; contents of orders; restrictions; council to make regulations; judicial review of orders; stay pending determination of proceedings; Mayor authorized to take testimony and issue subpoenas; records of employers; availability for inspection; statements to employees; posting of law and wage orders; Mayor to furnish copies; unlawful acts; penalties for violation of § 32-1043; jurisdiction; prosecutions;  liability of employer;  liquidated damages;  attorney fees and costs;  assignment of claim;  supervision of payment;  statute of limitations; right of collective bargaining;  severability;  short title.[Repealed]