Title 3. District of Columbia Boards and Commissions.

Subtitle I. General. Back to Top
Chapter 1. Advisory Commission on Sentencing.
Chapter 2. Anatomical Board.
Chapter 3. Armory Board.
Chapter 4. Board of Funeral Directors.
Chapter 5. Board of Veterinary Examiners.
Chapter 6. Boxing and Wrestling Commission.
Chapter 6A. Commission on Poverty.[Expired]
Chapter 6B. Commission on Fashion Arts and Events.
Chapter 7. Commission for Women.
Chapter 8. Council on Law Enforcement.
Chapter 9. Criminal Justice Supervisory Board.
Chapter 10. Environmental Planning Commission.
Chapter 11. Fire Protection Study Commission.
Chapter 12. Health Occupations Boards.
Chapter 12A. Nurse's Rehabilitation Program.
Chapter 13. Lottery and Charitable Games Control Board.
Chapter 13A. Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Commission.
Chapter 14. Sports and Entertainment Commission.[Repealed]
Chapter 14A. Uniform Law Commission.
Chapter 14B. Commission on African-American Affairs.
Subtitle II. Repealed and Expired Provisions. Back to Top
Chapter 15. Accountants.[Repealed]
Chapter 16. Architects.[Repealed]
Chapter 17. Barbers.[Repealed]
Chapter 18. Barbers and Cosmetologists.[Repealed]
Chapter 19. Bicentennial Commission.[Repealed]
Chapter 20. Cosmetologists.[Repealed]
Chapter 21. Dentistry.[Repealed]
Chapter 22. Interior Design Licensure.[Repealed]
Chapter 23. Nurses, Therapists, and Psychologists.[Repealed]
Chapter 24. Optometrists.[Repealed]
Chapter 25. Plumbers.[Repealed]
Chapter 26. Podiatry.[Repealed]
Chapter 27. Steam and Other Operating Engineers.[Repealed]
Chapter 28. Task Force on Hunger.[Repealed]
Chapter 29. Healing Arts Practice.[Repealed]
Chapter 30. Alzheimer's Disease Study Commission.[Expired]
Chapter 31. Business Regulatory Reform Commission.[Expired]
Chapter 32. Commission on Baseball.[Expired]
Chapter 33. Domestic Partnership Benefits.[Expired]
Chapter 34. Commission on Housing Production.[Expired]
Chapter 35. Commission for Men.[Expired]
Chapter 36. Security Agents and Brokers.[Repealed]
Chapter 37. Investment Advisors.[Repealed]