Chapter 29. Healing Arts Practice.[Repealed]

§§ 3-2901 to 3-2943. Definitions; license required; Commission on Licensure to Practice the Healing Art; boards of examiners; appointment; composition; term of office; qualifications; compensation; officers; rules; Board of Examiners in Basic Sciences; Board of Examiners in Medicine and Osteopathy; boards of examiners in drugless methods of healing; Board of Examiners in Midwifery; examinations; issuance of licenses based on reports of boards; examination papers open to inspection; retention of papers; record of licenses issued; numbering of licenses; display; applications for licenses; contents; fees; exemption from fees; refunds; licensees in medicine, surgery, or midwifery under prior law to be relicensed; osteopaths, chiropractors, and those who practice the healing art to apply for license; license without examination to those engaged in practice of drugless method of healing; issuance of license by endorsement; certificate or diploma from national examining board or completion of examination by Federation of State Medical Boards; evidence required with application for license; temporary licenses; procedures and standards for imposition of sanctions against licensees; filing false data with Commission; disclosure of applicant's identity number; impersonation of applicant; premature disclosure of examination; impersonation of licensee; altering or forging diploma, certificate, or seal of Commission; unfair rating of applicants; false swearing.[Repealed]