Chapter 3. Armory Board.

Subchapter I. General Provisions. Back to Top
§ 3-301. Declaration of policy.
§ 3-302. Establishment; composition; term of office; alternates; compensation; election of Chairman.
§ 3-303. Control of and jurisdiction over Armory; maintenance and repair.
§ 3-304. Motor vehicle parking areas.
§ 3-305. Use of Armory by National Guard.
§ 3-306. Authorization of Board to carry out secondary purposes of subchapter.[Repealed]
§ 3-307. Starplex Fund.[Repealed]
§ 3-308. Transfer of assets held in various funds.
§ 3-309. Manager; employment of additional personnel.[Repealed]
§ 3-310. Financial statement; report of activities and business; recommendations.
Subchapter II. Robert F Kennedy Memorial Stadium. Back to Top
§ 3-321. Purpose; authorization of Board to construct, maintain, and operate Stadium; plans.[Repealed]
§ 3-322. Authorization of Secretary of Interior.
§ 3-323. Bonds; issuance; rate of interest; registration; redemption; refinancing; sale; exemption from taxation.
§ 3-324. Authorization of Board to carry out purposes of subchapter.[Repealed]
§ 3-325. Deposit of receipts; sinking fund; statement showing costs of construction of Stadium.[Repealed]
§ 3-326. Title to Stadium to vest in United States; date; conveyance and lease to District of Columbia; non-transferability; uses of property; reversion for noncompliance.
§ 3-327. Employment of personnel;  compensation;  delegation of powers.[Repealed]
§ 3-328. Limitation on indebtedness; liability of Board members; deficits in sinking fund to be included in budget estimates; authority of Council to borrow from Secretary of Treasury; repayment; bonds guaranteed by United States.[Repealed]
§ 3-329. Financial statement; report of activities and business; recommendations.[Repealed]
§ 3-330. "Stadium" defined.
Subchapter III. Public Safety at Stadium and Armory. Back to Top
§ 3-341. Possession of disposable containers prohibited;  exceptions.[Repealed]
§ 3-342. Unauthorized entry onto Stadium playing field prohibited.[Repealed]
§ 3-342.01. Definitions.
§ 3-343. Establishment of barriers or restricted zones by Chief of Police.
§ 3-343.01. Possession of disposable containers prohibited; exceptions.
§ 3-343.02. Unauthorized entry onto stadium playing field prohibited.
§ 3-344. Penalty for violation of subchapter.