Chapter 3. Housing Redevelopment.

Subchapter I. Housing Redevelopment. Back to Top
§ 6-301.01. Purpose.[Repealed]
§ 6-301.02. Definitions.[Repealed]
§ 6-301.03. District of Columbia Redevelopment Land Agency--Established; composition; appointment; Chairman; term of office; vacancies; compensation; corporate powers; procedures for disposition of claims; facilities donated as local noncash grant-in-aid; maintenance of rental property; waiver of special assessments.[Repealed]
§ 6-301.04. District of Columbia Redevelopment Land Agency--Power to acquire and assemble real property; condemnation; utility facilities.[Repealed]
§ 6-301.05. Comprehensive plan; project area redevelopment plans; Shaw Junior High School.[Repealed]
§ 6-301.06. Transfer, lease, or sale of real property for public and private uses.[Repealed]
§ 6-301.07. Housing for displaced families.[Repealed]
§ 6-301.08. Acquisition of property from prospective lessee or purchaser.[Repealed]
§ 6-301.09. Use-value appraisals.[Repealed]
§ 6-301.10. Redevelopment companies.[Repealed]
§ 6-301.11. Modification of redevelopment plans.[Repealed]
§ 6-301.12. Tax exemption.[Repealed]
§ 6-301.13. Employment and expenditures authorized.[Repealed]
§ 6-301.14. Annual report.[Repealed]
§ 6-301.15. Appropriations authorized.[Repealed]
§ 6-301.16. Acquisition under §§ 6-101.01 to 6-102.05.[Repealed]
§ 6-301.17. Private lending institutions.[Repealed]
§ 6-301.18. Acceptance of financial assistance authorized; urban renewal projects.[Repealed]
§ 6-301.19. Streets and highways; release, modification, or departure from approved redevelopment plan.[Repealed]
§ 6-301.20. Severability.[Repealed]
Subchapter II. Neighborhood Development. Back to Top
§ 6-311.01. Neighborhood development programs.
Subchapter III. Transfer to Agency of Certain Property Near Maine Avenue. Back to Top
§ 6-321.01. Authorized.
§ 6-321.02. Determination of necessity.
§ 6-321.03. Transfer of jurisdiction to Agency.
§ 6-321.04. Lease of property by Agency; other transfers limited; priority of owner of displaced business concern.
§ 6-321.05. Reversion provisions.[Repealed]
§ 6-321.06. Council not required to transfer property needed for municipal purposes.
§ 6-321.07. Not considered a local grant-in-aid.
§ 6-321.08. Definitions.
Subchapter IV. Relocation Services. Back to Top
Part A. General.
§ 6-331.01. Relocation services for displaced persons and concerns; preference in vacancies in government housing; housing surveys.
§ 6-331.02. Determination of availability of housing for displaced persons.
§ 6-331.03. District of Columbia Relocation Assistance Office.
§ 6-331.04. Regulations to carry out part.
Part B. Persons Displaced by District Programs, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, or Condominium Conversion.
§ 6-333.01. Relocation payments and assistance for persons displaced by District programs or by Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority; relocation services for persons displaced by condominium or cooperative conversion, or by rehabilitation, demolition, or discontinuance from housing use.
§ 6-333.02. Relocation advisory services for persons displaced by condominium conversion, or by rehabilitation, demolition, or discontinuance from housing use of building.
Subchapter V. Properties Near Maryland Avenue and Virginia Avenue. Back to Top
§ 6-341.01. Transfer to Agency authorized.
§ 6-341.02. Lease or sale by Agency authorized.
§ 6-341.03. Transfer of rights-of-way by Agency to District authorized.
§ 6-341.04. Transfer not a local grant-in-aid.
§ 6-341.05. Definitions.