Chapter 4. Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department.

Subchapter I. General. Back to Top
§ 5-401. Area of service; division of District into fire companies; pre-hospital care and services; approval required for major changes in manner of fire protection.
§ 5-401.01. State safety oversight agency for DC Streetcar.
§ 5-402. Appointments and promotions covered by civil service; selection of Fire Chief and Deputy Fire Chiefs; original appointment and transfer of privates; vacancies.
§ 5-403. Age limits in original appointments.
§ 5-404. Composition; 2-platoon system; services of veterinary surgeon; attendance by police surgeon.
§ 5-404.01. Medical Director.
§ 5-405. Workweek established; hours of duty; days off duty; holidays.
§ 5-406. Appropriations for uniforms and other equipment.
§ 5-407. Resignation without notice; engaging in strike; conspiracy to obstruct operations of Department.
§ 5-408. Firefighting Division--Recording annual and sick leave.
§ 5-409. Firefighting Division--Accruement of annual leave; adjustment of accumulated leave; transfers; maximum accumulations.
§ 5-409.01. Paramedic and Emergency Medical Technician Lateral Transfer to Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department.
§ 5-410. Restrictions on leaving District; or being absent from duty.
§ 5-411. Extra equipment authorized for volunteer fire organization.
§ 5-412. Use of certain buildings granted.
§ 5-413. Construction of apparatus.
§ 5-414. Reciprocal agreements for mutual aid; availability of personnel and equipment to federal government; service performed in line of duty.
§ 5-415. Services to District institutions located outside the District.
§ 5-416. Emergency ambulance service fees.
§ 5-417. Arson reporting.
§ 5-417.01. Fire and arson investigation--Authority generally; authority to enter and examine; arrest and warrant powers.
§ 5-418. Cadet program -- Authorized; purpose; preference for appointment; appropriations.
§ 5-419. Cadet program--Rules.
Subchapter II. Fire and Emergency Medical Services Training. Back to Top
Part A. Training for Non-District Personnel.
§ 5-431. Fire and Emergency Medical Services training for non-District of Columbia personnel.
§ 5-432. Establishment of Fire and Emergency Medical Services Training Fund.
Part B. Education and Training Program.
§ 5-441. Fire and Emergency Medical Services education and training program; certification of firefighters, paramedics, and emergency medical technicians.
Subchapter III. Fire and Emergency Medical Services Agility Testing. Back to Top
§ 5-451. Physical examinations and agility standards.