Chapter 8. Mortgages and Deeds of Trust.

§ 42-801. Execution, acknowledgment, and recordation in same manner as deeds.
§ 42-802. Duty of Recorder.
§ 42-803. Estate of mortgagee or trustee; conveyance thereof.
§ 42-804. Survival of mortgagee's or trustee's title.
§ 42-805. While action pending, money due payable to mortgagee or court; effect thereof.
§ 42-806. Decree or order without hearing where defendant files request and plaintiff files admission.
§ 42-807. Limitations upon right of redemption in §§ 42-805 and 42-806.
§ 42-808. Conveyance or assurance by infant following court order.
§ 42-809. Conveyance or assurance by infant trustee or mortgagee under court order.
§ 42-810. Mortgagee may redeem prior mortgage; prior mortgage may not bar.
§ 42-811. Appointment of trustee in event of death of mortgagee or trustee; procedure; summary decree.
§ 42-812. Equity practice followed where answer sets up defense against foreclosure.
§ 42-813. Replacement of deceased, appointed trustee.
§ 42-814. Petition for new trustee; causes; procedure; written agreement of parties.
§ 42-815. Application to court to fix terms and determine notice of sale; notice under power of sale provision.
§ 42-815.01. Right to cure residential mortgage foreclosure default.
§ 42-815.02. Foreclosure mediation.
§ 42-815.03. Establishment of Foreclosure Mediation Fund.
§ 42-816. Sale of property--Deficiency judgments; limitations thereon; relief in suit to enforce vendor's lien.
§ 42-817. Sale of property--Amount creditor to pay if purchaser.
§ 42-818. Commission to mortgagee or trustee; rates; when advertised sale not held.
§ 42-818.01. Tracking addresses.
§ 42-818.02. Procedures for release of deed of trust.
§ 42-819. Petition for deed of release after death of mortgagee or trustee; procedure; summary determination.
§ 42-820. Conveyance by and for individuals with mental disabilities following court order.