Title 42. Real Property.

Subtitle I. General. Back to Top
Chapter 1. Acknowledgments.
Chapter 2. Conservation Easements.
Chapter 3. Conveyable Estates and Methods of Conveyance.
Chapter 4. Deed Effective and Recordation Dates.
Chapter 5. Estates in Land.
Chapter 6. Forms; Covenants and Warranties.
Chapter 7. Interpretation of Instruments.
Chapter 8. Mortgages and Deeds of Trust.
Chapter 8A. Mortgages, Deeds of Trust, and Foreclosure.[Repealed]
Chapter 9. Ownership of Real Property by Aliens and Nonresidents.
Chapter 10. Powers Relating to Realty.
Chapter 11. Recordation Tax on Deeds.
Chapter 12. Recorder of Deeds.
Chapter 12A. Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording.
Chapter 13. Residential Real Property Seller Disclosures.
Chapter 14. Sale of Contingent and Limited Interests.
Chapter 15. Uses and Trusts.
Chapter 16. Waste.
Subtitle II. Brokers and Realtors. Back to Top
Chapter 17. Real Estate Brokers' Duties.
Chapter 18. Real Estate Sale or Rent Signs.
Subtitle III. Condominiums. Back to Top
Chapter 19. Condominiums.
Chapter 20. Horizontal Property Regimes.
Subtitle IV. Housing Enhancement Programs. Back to Top
Chapter 21. Homestead Housing Preservation.
Chapter 21A. Affordable Housing.
Chapter 22. Senior Citizens' Home Repair and Improvement Program Fund.
Subtitle V. Housing Finance and Assistance. Back to Top
Chapter 23. Credit Line Deeds of Trust.
Chapter 24. Disbursement of Settlement Proceeds.
Chapter 24A. Foreclosure Rescue Prohibited.
Chapter 25. Government Employer-Assisted Housing Program.
Chapter 26. Home Purchase Assistance Fund.
Chapter 26A. Homeownership Counseling.
Chapter 27. Housing Finance Agency.
Chapter 28. Housing Production Trust Fund.
Chapter 28A. Low-Income Housing Preservation and Protection.
Chapter 28B. Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Fund.
Chapter 28C. Comprehensive Housing Task Fund.
Chapter 28D. Department of Housing and Community Development Unified Fund.
Chapter 29. Metropolitan Police Housing Assistance and Community Safety Program.
Chapter 30. Servicemen's Readjustment.
Subtitle VI. Nuisance Property. Back to Top
Chapter 31. Drug-, Firearm-, or Prostitution-Related Nuisance Abatement.
Chapter 31A. Abatement of Nuisance Property.
Chapter 31A1. Abatement of Graffiti.
Chapter 31B. Quick Acquisition of Abandoned and Nuisance Property.[Repealed]
Chapter 31C. Quick Acquisition of Abandoned and Nuisance Property.
Subtitle VII. Rental Housing. Back to Top
Chapter 32. Landlord and Tenant.
Chapter 32A. Lead Level Test of Water in Multiple Dwellings.
Chapter 33. Master-Metered Apartment Buildings.
Chapter 34. Rental Housing Conversion and Sale.
Chapter 35. Rental Housing Generally.
Chapter 35A. Rental Housing: Tenant Advocacy.
Chapter 36. Residential Drug-Related Evictions.
Chapter 36A. Tenant Receivership.
Subtitle VII-A. Personal Property. Back to Top
Chapter 36B. Lease-Purchase Agreements.
Subtitle VIII. Repealed and Expired Provisions. Back to Top
Chapter 37. Delinquent Home Mortgage Payments Fund.[Expired]
Chapter 38. Government Employer-Assisted Housing.[Repealed]
Chapter 39. Real Estate Appraisers.[Repealed]
Chapter 40. Rent Control.[ Expired and Repealed]