Chapter 11. Service, Valuation, Accounts.

§ 34-1101. Utility service and charges to be just and reasonable; certification required.
§ 34-1102. Use of equipment of other companies; application to Commission to require such use in event of disagreement.
§ 34-1103. Commission to compel compliance with laws and ordinances.
§ 34-1104. Proposed changes in law to be submitted to Commission; hearings; recommendations to Congress.[Repealed]
§ 34-1105. Commission to ascertain cost of construction, replacement value, outstanding stock; information to be printed in annual report.
§ 34-1106. Property to be valued as of time of evaluation.
§ 34-1107. Valuation; notice and hearing; statement of valuation to be filed.
§ 34-1108. Revaluation.
§ 34-1109. Uniform accounts to be rendered; separate account of other business may be required.
§ 34-1110. Commission to prescribe forms of books and records.
§ 34-1111. Commission to furnish blank forms.
§ 34-1112. Utilities to have offices in the District of Columbia; books and records to be kept in the District; records may be kept at general office of utility.
§ 34-1113. Accounts to be closed annually; verified balance sheet to be filed with Commission; copy of balance sheet to Congress.
§ 34-1114. Examination and audit of accounts; allocation of items to accounts; authority of agents, accountants, and examiners.
§ 34-1115. Depreciation account; rates of depreciation; application of depreciation fund.
§ 34-1116. Commission to keep informed of new construction; construction account.
§ 34-1117. Sliding scale of rates and dividends.
§ 34-1118. Utilities to furnish accounts and reports; information to be included; notice of certain filings to be served on People's Counsel; disclosure of information and documents by investigated utility.
§ 34-1119. Annual report of Commission.
§ 34-1120. Commission to fix adequate and serviceable standards; regulations for testing products, service, and meters.
§ 34-1121. Examination and test of appliances.
§ 34-1122. Material and equipment for tests; entry on premises of utilities for purpose of tests.
§ 34-1123. Schedule of rates to be filed; existing rates to remain in force until changed.
§ 34-1124. Rules and regulations affecting rates to be filed.
§ 34-1125. Copy of rate schedule to be available for public inspection.
§ 34-1126. Schedule of joint rates to be filed.
§ 34-1127. Change in schedule; notice.
§ 34-1128. New schedules to be filed; summaries of rates to be provided upon request.
§ 34-1129. Utility not to receive greater or less compensation than fixed in schedule.
§ 34-1130. Commission may prescribe changes in form of schedule.
§ 34-1131. Information provided in association with a child support order.