• Current through October 23, 2012

Discrimination between individual risks of the same class or hazard in the amount of premiums or rates charged for any policy, or in the benefits or amount of insurance payable thereon, or in any of the terms or conditions of such policy, or in any other manner whatsoever, is prohibited, and the Commissioner is empowered after investigation to order removed at such time and in such manner as he shall specify any such discrimination which his investigation may reveal.

(Oct. 9, 1940, 54 Stat. 1077, ch. 792, ch. II, § 29; May 21, 1997, D.C. Law 11-268, § 10(r)(2), 44 DCR 1730.)


Prior Codifications

1981 Ed., § 35-1533.

1973 Ed., § 35-1333.

Legislative History of Laws

For legislative history of D.C. Law 11-268, see Historical and Statutory Notes following § 31-2501.03.

Miscellaneous Notes

Department of Insurance abolished: See Historical and Statutory Notes following § 31-2501.03.