Title 28. Commercial Instruments and Transactions.

Subtitle I. Uniform Commercial Code. Back to Top
Article 1. General Provisions.
Article 2. Sales.
Article 2A. Leases.
Article 3. Negotiable Instruments.
Article 4. Bank Deposits and Collections.
Article 4A. Funds Transfers.
Article 5. Letters of Credit.
Article 6. Bulk Transfers.
Article 7. Warehouse Receipts, Bills of Lading and Other Documents of Title.
Article 8. Investment Securities.
Article 9. Secured Transactions.
Article 10. Construction with Other Laws.
Article 11. Effective Date and Transition Provisions.
Subtitle II. Other Commercial Transactions. Back to Top
Chapter 21. Assignment for Benefit of Creditors.
Chapter 23. Assignment of Choses in Action.
Chapter 25. Bonds and Undertakings.
Chapter 27. Business Holidays and Computation of Time.
Chapter 29. Fiduciary Security Transfers.
Chapter 31. Fraudulent Conveyances.
Chapter 31A. Dishonored Checks.
Chapter 33. Interest and Usury.
Chapter 35. Statute of Frauds.
Chapter 36. Direct Motor Vehicle Installment Loans.
Chapter 37. Revolving Credit Accounts.
Chapter 38. Consumer Protections.
Chapter 39. Consumer Protection Procedures.
Chapter 40. Hearing Aid Dealers and Consumers.
Chapter 40A. Assistive Technology Device Warranty.
Chapter 41. Natural Disaster Consumer Protection.
Chapter 42. Radon Contractor Proficiency.
Chapter 45. Restraints of Trade.
Chapter 45A. Cigarette Sales Below Cost.
Chapter 45B. Excessive Pricing.
Chapter 46. Consumer Credit Service Organizations.
Chapter 47. Uniform Prudent Investor Act.[Repealed]
Chapter 48. Principal and Income; Uniform Law.
Chapter 49. Uniform Electronic Transactions.
Chapter 50. Electronic Mail Spam Deterrence.
Chapter 51. Works of Fine Art.