Article 4. Bank Deposits and Collections.

Part 1. General Provisions and Definitions. Back to Top
§ 28:4-101. Short title.
§ 28:4-102. Applicability.
§ 28:4-103. Variation by agreement; measure of damages; action constituting ordinary care.
§ 28:4-104. Definitions and index of definitions.
§ 28:4-105. "Bank"; "depositary bank"; "payor bank"; "intermediary bank"; "collecting bank"; "presenting bank".
§ 28:4-106. Payable through or payable at bank; collecting bank.
§ 28:4-107. Separate office of bank.
§ 28:4-108. Time of receipt of items.
§ 28:4-109. Delays.
§ 28:4-110. Electronic presentment.
§ 28:4-111. Statute of limitations.
Part 2. Collection of Items: Depositary and Collecting Banks. Back to Top
§ 28:4-201. Status of collecting bank as agent and provisional status of credits; applicability of article; item indorsed "pay any bank".
§ 28:4-202. Responsibility for collection or return; when action timely.
§ 28:4-203. Effect of instructions.
§ 28:4-204. Methods of sending and presenting; sending directly to payor bank.
§ 28:4-205. Depositary bank holder of unindorsed item.
§ 28:4-206. Transfer between banks.
§ 28:4-207. Transfer warranties.
§ 28:4-208. Presentment warranties.
§ 28:4-209. Encoding and retention warranties.
§ 28:4-210. Security interest of collecting bank in items, accompanying documents, and proceeds.
§ 28:4-211. When bank gives value for purposes of holder in due course.
§ 28:4-212. Presentment by notice of item not payable by, through, or at bank; liability of drawer or indorser.
§ 28:4-213. Medium and time of settlement by bank.
§ 28:4-214. Right of charge-back or refund; liability of collecting bank; return of item.
§ 28:4-215. Final payment of item by payor bank; when provisional debits and credits become final; when certain credits become available for withdrawal.
§ 28:4-216. Insolvency and preference.
Part 3. Collection of Items: Payor Banks. Back to Top
§ 28:4-301. Deferred posting; recovery of payment by return of items; time of dishonor; return of items by payor bank.
§ 28:4-302. Payor bank's responsibility for late return of item.
§ 28:4-303. When items subject to notice, stop-payment order, legal process, or setoff; order in which items may be charged or certified.
Part 4. Relationship Between Payor Bank and Its Customers. Back to Top
§ 28:4-401. When bank may charge customer's account.
§ 28:4-402. Bank's liability to customer for wrongful dishonor; time of determining insufficiency of account.
§ 28:4-403. Customer's right to stop payment; burden of proof of loss.
§ 28:4-404. Bank not obliged to pay check more than 6 months old.
§ 28:4-405. Death or incompetence of customer.
§ 28:4-406. Customer's duty to discover and report unauthorized signature or alteration.
§ 28:4-407. Payor bank's right to subrogation on improper payment.
Part 5. Collection of Documentary Drafts. Back to Top
§ 28:4-501. Handling of documentary drafts; duty to send for presentment and to notify customer of dishonor.
§ 28:4-502. Presentment of "on arrival" drafts.
§ 28:4-503. Responsibility of presenting bank for documents and goods; report of reasons for dishonor; referee in case of need.
§ 28:4-504. Privilege of presenting bank to deal with goods; security interest for expenses.

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Editor's Notes

Many of the cases appearing in the notes to this article were decided under the former statutes in effect prior to the 1995 revision. These earlier cases have been moved to pertinent sections of the revised material where they may be useful in interpreting the current statutes.