Subchapter I. Additional Governmental Powers and Responsibilities.

Part A. General. Back to Top
§ 1-301.01. Additional powers of Mayor, Council, and Director.
§ 1-301.02. Appointment of contracting officers; powers; approval of contracts over $3,000; void contracts; liquidated damage contracts.[Repealed]
§ 1-301.03. Powers and duties of Director of Department of Licenses, Investigation and Inspections; delegation of authority.
§ 1-301.04. Settlement for real estate acquired by purchase or condemnation.
§ 1-301.05. Power conferred by §§ 1-301.01 to 1-301.04 as additional.
Part B. Subpoenas, Administration of Oaths, and Documents Concerning Police Officers and Firefighters. Back to Top
§ 1-301.21. Subpoena power.
§ 1-301.22. Administration of oaths.
§ 1-301.23. Executive Secretary authorized to execute certain documents.
Part C. The Council. Back to Top
Subpart 1. Legislative Privilege.
§ 1-301.41. Definitions.
§ 1-301.42. Legislative immunity.
§ 1-301.43. Obstruction of Council proceedings and investigations; penalty.
Subpart 2. Council Independence.
§ 1-301.44. Independence established and recognized.
§ 1-301.44a. Independence of legislative branch information technology.
§ 1-301.44b. Legislative branch information technology acquisition.
§ 1-301.44c. Disclosure of information to the Council; District of Columbia Auditor; conditions on disclosure.
Subpart 3. Legislative Procedures.
§ 1-301.45. Construction of terms set forth in acts and resolutions.
§ 1-301.46. Enacting and resolving clauses in acts and resolutions; numbering of sections.
§ 1-301.47. Definition of terms set forth in acts and resolutions.
§ 1-301.47a. Fiscal impact statements.
Subpart 4. Council Official Seal.
§ 1-301.48. Official Seal.
Subpart 5. Record Reproduction Fee.
§ 1-301.49. Council record reproduction fees authorization.
Part D. The Mayor. Back to Top
§ 1-301.61. Submission of statement of impact of proposed acts on taxpayers.
§ 1-301.62. District elements of comprehensive plan prepared; purposes.
§ 1-301.63. Mayor to submit proposed Land Use Element and map; submission of amendments to District elements of comprehensive plan; specifications; approval.
§ 1-301.64. Mayor to propose ward plans; updated plans; public hearing; transmission to Council for adoption.
§ 1-301.65. Preserving and ensuring community input.
§ 1-301.66. Publication of the Comprehensive Plan.
§ 1-301.67. Review of building, construction, or public space permits.
§ 1-301.68. Zoning conformity.
§ 1-301.69. Abolition or consolidation of offices; reduction of employees; appointments to and removal from office.
§ 1-301.70. Taxes not to be anticipated by sale or hypothecation.
§ 1-301.71. Hack stands--Location.
§ 1-301.72. Hack stands--Adjoining railroad stations;  rates of charges.[Repealed]
§ 1-301.73. Rates for public vehicles to be fixed by the Mayor.[Repealed]
§ 1-301.74. Authority to fix certain licensing and registration fees.
§ 1-301.75. Increase or decrease of fees authorized in § 1-301.74.
§ 1-301.76. Power to grant pardons and respites; commissioning of officers; execution of laws.
§ 1-301.77. Prohibition on Capital Funds for Operating Expenses.
§ 1-301.78. Grants for planning and planning implementation purposes.
§ 1-301.79. Rules.
Part D-I. Attorney General for the District of Columbia. Back to Top
§ 1-301.81. Duties of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia.
§ 1-301.82. Appointment of the Attorney General.
§ 1-301.83. Minimum qualifications and requirements for Attorney General.
§ 1-301.84. Forfeiture of the position of Attorney General.
§ 1-301.85. Attorney General salary.
§ 1-301.86. Annual budget for the Office of Attorney General.
§ 1-301.86a. Contingency fee contracts.
§ 1-301.87. Chief Deputy Attorney General, Deputy Attorneys General, and Assistant Attorneys General.
§ 1-301.88. Authority to administer oaths.
§ 1-301.89. Appointment of special counsel.
§ 1-301.89a. Authority to issue subpoenas for the production of documents.
§ 1-301.90. Inability to carry out duties as Attorney General.
Part E. Additional Authority of the Director of the Office of Contracting and Procurement. Back to Top
§ 1-301.91. Leasing authority.
§ 1-301.92. Use of exchange allowances or sale proceeds to purchase similar items.
Part F. Additional Authority of the Attorney General. Back to Top
§ 1-301.111. Duties of Corporation Counsel.[Repealed]
§ 1-301.112. Duties of Assistant Corporation Counsels.[Repealed]
§ 1-301.113. Corporation Counsel and Assistants may administer oaths.[Repealed]
§ 1-301.114. Funding for civil legal services.[Repealed]
Part F-I. Office of the Inspector General. Back to Top
§ 1-301.115a. Creation and duties of Office of the Inspector General.
§ 1-301.115b. Deadline for appointment of Inspector General.
Part G. Authority to Participate in Multistate Efforts to Develop Sales and Use Taxes. Back to Top
§ 1-301.121. Definitions.
§ 1-301.122. Authority to participate in multistate negotiations.
§ 1-301.123. Authority to enter into agreement.
§ 1-301.124. Relationship to District of Columbia law.
§ 1-301.125. Agreement requirements.
§ 1-301.126. Cooperating sovereigns.
§ 1-301.127. Limited binding and beneficial effect.
§ 1-301.128. Seller and third party liability.
Part H. Chief Financial Officer for the Department of Housing and Community Development. Back to Top
§ 1-301.141. Chief Financial Officer for the Department of Housing and Community Development.
Part I. Chief Financial Officer Health Care Analysis and Overtime Plan. Back to Top
§ 1-301.151. Analysis of health care costs at Department of Corrections; plan to create Public Safety Overtime Bank.
Part J. District of Columbia Auditor Subpoena and Oath Authority. Back to Top
§ 1-301.171. Subpoena power.
§ 1-301.172. Refusal to obey subpoena.
§ 1-301.173. Administration of oaths.
§ 1-301.174. District of Columbia Auditor Legal Fund.
Part K. District of Columbia Auditor Compliance Unit. Back to Top
§ 1-301.181. Establishment of a compliance unit.
§ 1-301.182. Powers of the Unit.
§ 1-301.183. Reporting requirements.
§ 1-301.184. Compliance review reporting requirements.
Part L. Office of the Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice. Back to Top
§ 1-301.191. Office of the Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice; establishment; authority.