Subchapter V. Proof of Financial Responsibility.

§ 50-1301.34. Persons required to deposit proof of future responsibility.
§ 50-1301.35. "Proof of financial responsibility for the future", "proof", or "proof of financial responsibility" defined.
§ 50-1301.36. "Judgment" and "state" defined.
§ 50-1301.37. Suspension of license and registration for certain convictions; effect of proof of financial responsibility; vehicles owned or leased by the United States, a state, or a political subdivision thereof; suspension for foreign convictions.
§ 50-1301.38. Duration of suspension.
§ 50-1301.39. Suspension of unlicensed or licensed person after certain convictions; proof of financial responsibility required; certificate of conviction to be forwarded to Mayor.
§ 50-1301.40. Suspension of nonresidents' operating privilege; duration.
§ 50-1301.41. Report by courts of nonpayment of judgments.
§ 50-1301.42. Judgment against a nonresident--Transmittal of copy to license and registration official of defendant's state.
§ 50-1301.43. Judgment against a nonresident--Suspension for nonpayment.
§ 50-1301.44. Government vehicles; exception as to nonpayment of judgment provisions.
§ 50-1301.45. Consent by judgment creditor to retention of license, registration, or operating privileges by judgment debtor.
§ 50-1301.46. Effect of Mayor's finding that insurer obligated to pay judgment.
§ 50-1301.47. Continuance of suspension until judgment paid and proof given.
§ 50-1301.48. Discharge in bankruptcy.
§ 50-1301.49. Required payments; amounts; settlements.
§ 50-1301.50. Installment payment of judgments--Permitted.
§ 50-1301.51. Installment payment of judgments--Default.
§ 50-1301.52. Proof required for each registered vehicle.
§ 50-1301.53. Alternate methods of giving proof.
§ 50-1301.54. Certificate of insurance as proof.
§ 50-1301.55. Certificate filed by nonresident as proof of financial responsibility.
§ 50-1301.56. Default by nonresident insurance carrier.
§ 50-1301.57. "Motor vehicle liability policy" defined.[Repealed]
§ 50-1301.58. Notice of cancellation or termination of certified policy.[Repealed]
§ 50-1301.59. Provisions of chapter not to affect other policies.
§ 50-1301.60. Surety bond--Proof of financial responsibility.[Repealed]
§ 50-1301.61. Surety bond--Lien against scheduled real estate.[Repealed]
§ 50-1301.62. Surety bond--Right of action.[Repealed]
§ 50-1301.63. Deposit of money with Mayor--Proof of financial responsibility.[Repealed]
§ 50-1301.64. Deposit of money with Mayor--Limits on application.[Repealed]
§ 50-1301.65. Owner of a motor vehicle may give proof for others.
§ 50-1301.66. Substitution of proof.
§ 50-1301.67. Requirement of other proof of financial responsibility; prior proof; suspension.
§ 50-1301.68. Cancellation of certificate; waiver of filing proof.