Subchapter I. General.

§ 42-2001. Short title.
§ 42-2002. Definitions.
§ 42-2003. Establishment by subdivision.
§ 42-2004. Transfer of individual units; incidents of real property; recordation.
§ 42-2005. Joint tenancies, tenancies in common, tenancies by the entirety.
§ 42-2006. Units held in fee; common elements held in undivided shares; recordation of declaration of ownership percentages; market values of units and shares not fixed; voting on basis; unit deeds.
§ 42-2007. Indivisibility of common elements; limitation upon partition; exception thereto.
§ 42-2008. Use of elements held in common; right to enter units for certain repairs.
§ 42-2009. Plat of condominium subdivision--Contents thereof; certification and recordation.
§ 42-2010. Plat of condominium subdivision--Reference thereto for description; conveyance of unit includes share in common elements.
§ 42-2011. Termination and waiver of regime; certification upon plat; judicial termination; ownership after termination; condominium restrictions not applicable after termination or partition.
§ 42-2012. Merger no bar to reconstitution.
§ 42-2013. Bylaws--Availability for examination; made part of declaration; amendment; compliance mandatory.
§ 42-2014. Plat of condominium subdivision--Necessary; modification of administration.
§ 42-2015. Books of receipts and expenditures; availability for examination; annual audit.
§ 42-2016. Common profits and expenses; taxation; proportional contributions for administration and maintenance mandatory; determination of amount due and assessment of lien.
§ 42-2017. Priority of liens; unpaid assessments upon sale or conveyance.
§ 42-2018. Joint and several liability of purchaser and seller of unit for amounts owing under § 42-2016; purchaser's right of indemnity; right to statement of amount of unpaid assessments.
§ 42-2019. Supplemental method of enforcement of lien; rights and duties of subsequent purchaser; priority of lien, bond and trust; written statement of payments due under lien.
§ 42-2020. Authority to obtain hazard insurance; held in trust; no effect on right to insure individual unit.
§ 42-2021. Application of insurance proceeds to reconstruction; pro rata distribution in certain cases according to bylaws or decision of council.
§ 42-2022. Sharing of reconstruction cost where project not insured or insurance indemnity insufficient.
§ 42-2023. Unit identification; taxation of unit and proportionate share of common area; effect of forfeiture or tax sale of other units.
§ 42-2024. Actions relating to common elements; service of process; removal of lien on proportionate share of common areas following judgment against other unit owners.
§ 42-2025. Liens available only against individual units; consent necessary for mechanics' or materialmen's liens; removal of lien on unit and proportionate share of common area following judgment against other unit owners.
§ 42-2026. Rule against perpetuities and rule against unreasonable restraints on alienation not applicable to horizontal property regimes; exception for individual units.
§ 42-2027. Subchapter supplements existing code provisions; exception where conflict arises.
§ 42-2028. Regulations of Council and Zoning Commission; enforcement thereof.
§ 42-2029. Subchapter interpreted to require compliance with all applicable laws; owners' responsibilities for taxes; methods of collection; no effect on eminent domain.
§ 42-2030. Right to individual water meters; common water service authorized; billing and collection.
§ 42-2031. Authority vested in Board of Commissioners unaffected; delegation of functions.