• Current through October 23, 2012

When a student is receiving education and related services from a nonpublic special education school or program that is approved by the SEA under § 38- 2561.07 and receives funding from the District of Columbia government, DCPS shall participate in the initial meeting to develop an IEP. For any subsequent meeting to review or revise the IEP, the failure or inability of a DCPS representative to attend the IEP meeting after the meeting has been set shall not prevent the meeting from taking place as planned.

(Mar. 14, 2007, D.C. Law 16-269, § 106, 54 DCR 841.)


Emergency Act Amendments

For temporary (90 day) addition, see § 106 of Placement of Students with Disabilities in Nonpublic Schools Emergency Amendment Act of 2006 (D.C. Act 16- 667, December 28, 2006, 54 DCR 1134).

Legislative History of Laws

For Law 16-269, see notes following § 38-2561.01.