• Current through October 23, 2012

(a) A health organization may request a confidential department hearing, on a record, to challenge a determination or action if the Commissioner notifies it of the following:

(1) An adjusted RBC report;

(2)(A) The health organization's RBC plan or revised RBC plan is unsatisfactory; and

(B) The notification constitutes a Regulatory Action Level Event;

(3) The health organization has failed to adhere to its RBC plan or revised RBC plan and that the failure has a substantial adverse effect on the ability of the health organization to eliminate the Company Action Level Event in accordance with its RBC plan or revised RBC plan; or

(4) A corrective order.

(b) The health organization shall notify the Commissioner of its request for a hearing within 5 days after a notification described in subsection (a) of this section. Upon receipt of the health organization's request for a hearing, the Commissioner shall set a date for the hearing, which shall be no less than 10, or more than 30, days after the date of the health organization's request.

(June 18, 2003, D.C. Law 14-312, § 107, 50 DCR 306.)


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For Law 14-312, see notes following § 31-3851.01.