• Current through October 23, 2012

In addition to the powers and duties set forth elsewhere in this chapter, the Committee shall:

(1) Evaluate a nurse who requests participation in the Program according to the guidelines prescribed by the Committee and consider recommendations for a nurse's admission into the Program;

(2) Designate and review facilities and providers to which nurses in the Program may be referred for treatment and services;

(3) Receive and review information concerning a nurse participating in the Program;

(4) Consider whether a nurse participating in the Program may safely continue or resume the practice of nursing;

(5) Hold meetings, as necessary, to consider the requests of nurses to participate in the Program and the reports regarding nurses participating in the Program;

(6) Establish rules and guidelines for the operation of the Program, including the evaluation of facilities and providers that provide treatment and services to nurses eligible to participate in the program;

(7) Prepare reports to be submitted to the Board; and

(8) Set forth in writing a rehabilitation program established for each nurse participating in the Program, including the requirements for supervision and surveillance.

(May 1, 2001, D.C. Law 13-297, § 6, 48 DCR 2036.)


Legislative History of Laws

For D.C. Law 13-297, see notes following § 3-1251.01.