Chapter 8A. Merchant Banks.

Subchapter I. General Provisions. Back to Top
§ 26-831.01. Short title.
§ 26-831.02. Definitions.
Subchapter II. Application and Certification as a Merchant Bank. Back to Top
§ 26-831.03. Application for merchant bank charter; review and approval or disapproval of application.
§ 26-831.04. Issuance of certificate of authority.
§ 26-831.05. Revocation or subsequent limitation of certificate of authority.
§ 26-831.06. Voluntary termination of certification of authority.
Subchapter III. Powers and Authority of a Merchant Bank. Back to Top
§ 26-831.07. Powers of merchant banks; limits on powers.
Subchapter IV. Structure and Organization of a Merchant Bank; Capital Requirements. Back to Top
§ 26-831.08. Capital requirements of a merchant bank.
§ 26-831.09. Structure and organization of merchant banks.
§ 26-831.10. Policies of merchant bank's business activities.
Subchapter V. Commissioner Possession, Receivership, Conservatorship, and Liquidation of Merchant Banks. Back to Top
§ 26-831.11. Liquidation of merchant banks in general.
§ 26-831.12. Commissioner taking possession of merchant banks.
§ 26-831.13. Resumption of business by a merchant bank.
§ 26-831.14. Appointment of a receiver for a merchant bank.
§ 26-831.15. Receiver duties and powers.
§ 26-831.16. Lien on property or assets; voidable transfer.
§ 26-831.17. Maintenance and disposal of records by receiver.
§ 26-831.18. Conservator; appointment; bond and security; qualifications; expenses.
§ 26-831.19. Conservator; rights, powers, and privileges.
§ 26-831.20. Authority of conservator to borrow money; purpose.
§ 26-831.21. Termination of conservatorship.
Subchapter VI. Miscellaneous Provisions. Back to Top
§ 26-831.22. Rules.