• Current through October 23, 2012

If a lender refinances a loan secured by the same residential real property to the same borrower which was made 18 months or less before the covered loan is made, the same lender shall not finance, directly or indirectly, any portion of the covered loan's origination/discount points and fees or other fees payable to the lender or any third party in excess of the greatest of 3% of the new covered loan principal amount actually funded, $400, or such amount as the Mayor may establish by regulation, excluding:

(1) Reasonable charges described in 12 C.F.R. § 226.4(c)(7)(i), (iii), ( iv), and (v); and

(2) Bona fide loan discount points.

(May 7, 2002, D.C. Law 14-132, § 204, 49 DCR 2551.)


Emergency Act Amendments

For temporary (90 day) addition of section, see § 204 of Home Loan Protection Emergency Act of 2002 (D.C. Act 14-295, March 1, 2002, 49 DCR 2534).

Legislative History of Laws

For Law 14-132, see notes following § 26-1151.01.