Chapter 43. Game and Fish Laws.

§§ 22-4301 to 22-4306. Prohibition and control of net fishing in Potomac River;  catching and killing bass;  "person" defined;  sale of bass prohibited;  sale and possession of shad or herring;  sale of small striped bass;  use of explosives and drugs in fishing prohibited.[Repealed]
§ 22-4307. Penalties.[Transferred]
§§ 22-4308 to 22-4327. Confiscation of fishing equipment used in violation of the law; sale and possession of woodcocks, squirrels, rabbits, wild chicks, wild geese, and certain game birds; inspection of premises to detect violation of game laws; trespassing for purposes of hunting; shooting or having guns in possession on a Sunday; killing or capturing game beyond District jurisdiction; compensation for persons securing convictions under game laws; killing game birds and permits therefor; hunting squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits without a permit; killing of English sparrow or wild animal suffering from disease or injury; hunting or disbursing of ducks, geese, and waterfowl; sale, possession, or purchase of certain types of birds prohibited; license for certain scientific purposes; sale of birds raised in captivity or for propagation.[Repealed]
§ 22-4328. Council's authority with respect to wild animals, fishing licenses, and migratory birds; exception; "wild animals" defined.
§ 22-4329. Inspection of business or vocational establishments requiring a license or permit or any vehicle, boat, market box, market stall or cold storage plant, during business hours.
§ 22-4330. Seizure of hunting and fishing equipment; sale at public auction and disposal of proceeds; disposal of property not sold at auction; payment of valid liens after sale.
§ 22-4331. Penalties; prosecutions.
§ 22-4332. Delegation of functions by Secretary of the Interior and Mayor; Council to make regulations; "Mayor" and "Secretary of the Interior" defined.
§ 22-4333. Existing authority of Secretary of the Interior not impaired.