Subtitle I. Criminal Offenses.

Chapter 1. Abortion.
Chapter 2. Adultery.
Chapter 3. Arson.
Chapter 4. Assault; Mayhem; Threats.
Chapter 5. Bigamy.
Chapter 6. Breaking Into Devices Designed to Receive Currency.
Chapter 7. Bribery; Obstructing Justice; Corrupt Influence.
Chapter 8. Burglary.
Chapter 8A. Crimes Committed Against Minors.
Chapter 8B. Crimes Against Public Officials.
Chapter 9. Commercial Counterfeiting.
Chapter 9A. Criminal Abuse and Neglect of Vulnerable Adults.
Chapter 9B. Criminal Street Gangs.
Chapter 10. Cruelty to Animals.
Chapter 11. Cruelty to Children.
Chapter 12. Debt Adjusting.
Chapter 12A. Detection Device Tampering.
Chapter 13. Disturbances of the Public Peace.
Chapter 13A. Entry Into a Motor Vehicle, Unlawful.
Chapter 14. False Pretenses; False Personation.
Chapter 15. Forgery; Frauds.
Chapter 16. Fornication.
Chapter 17. Gambling.
Chapter 18. General Offenses.
Chapter 18A. Human Trafficking.
Chapter 19. Incest.
Chapter 19A. Interfering with Reports of Crimes.
Chapter 20. Kidnapping.
Chapter 21. Murder; Manslaughter.
Chapter 22. Obscenity.
Chapter 23. Panhandling.
Chapter 24. Perjury; Related Offenses.
Chapter 25. Possession of Implements of Crime.
Chapter 25A. Presence in a Motor Vehicle Containing a Firearm.
Chapter 26. Prison Misconduct.
Chapter 27. Prostitution; Pandering.
Chapter 27A. Protest Targeting a Residence.
Chapter 28. Robbery.
Chapter 29. Sale of Unwholesome Food.[Repealed]
Chapter 30. Sexual Abuse.
Chapter 31. Sexual Performance Using Minors.
Chapter 31A. Stalking.
Chapter 31B. Terrorism.
Chapter 32. Theft; Fraud; Stolen Property; Forgery; and Extortion.
Chapter 33. Trespass; Injuries to Property.
Chapter 34. Use of "District of Columbia" by Certain Persons.
Chapter 35. Vagrancy.[Repealed]
Chapter 35A. Voyeurism.