Chapter 11. Commitment and Maintenance of Persons with Moderate Intellectual Disabilities.

§ 21-1101. Forest Haven defined.[Repealed]
§§ 21-1102 to 21-1108A. Persons received in Forest Haven; age limit; petition as to substantial retardation; contents; verification; notice; process; summons; contents; answer not required; return day; service; appointment and qualifications of physicians; examination; certificate; warrant to take into custody; detention or temporary guardianship; place of detention; hearing; continuances; character of proofs; jury trial; dismissal and discharge, or placement in Forest Haven; controlling considerations; voluntary admission to Forest Haven.[Repealed]
§ 21-1109. Private and public patients; bond for support and maintenance; sufficiency and justification of sureties.[Repealed]
§ 21-1110. Liability of estate of public patient for maintenance.[Repealed]
§ 21-1111. Proceedings to charge relatives legally responsible for maintenance of public patient; collection of maintenance payments; enforcement of order; liability of decedent's estate.[Repealed]
§ 21-1112. Public patients may become private patients by filing bond and paying advance.[Repealed]
§ 21-1113. Restrictions on discharge; petition for discharge; causes for discharge; superintendent to be notified; notice of variation of order; denial on petition not a bar to another.[Repealed]
§ 21-1114. Proceeding when child brought before the Family Division appears to have at least a moderate intellectual disability.
§ 21-1115. Inquiry under this chapter if person convicted of offense.
§§ 21-1116 to 21-1118. Transfer to Saint Elizabeths Hospital when person becomes insane; separate docket of cases brought under section 21-1103; reports of commissions; transfer of substantially retarded from National Training Schools for Boys or Girls.[Repealed]
§ 21-1119. Removal from school of nonresidents of the District of Columbia.[Repealed]
§§ 21-1120 to 21-1123. Paroles; conditions; expense; discretion of superintendent; violation; return; citation, order, or process on patients to be served only by superintendent; approval of patients' contracts, etc., by court; offenses and penalties.[Repealed]