Chapter 12. Miscellaneous Provisions.

Subchapter I. General. Back to Top
§ 9-1201.01. Jurisdiction over MacArthur Boulevard.
§ 9-1201.02. Railroads prohibited on certain streets.
§ 9-1201.03. Further laying of street railroads prohibited.
§ 9-1201.04. Removal of paving stones; permit required; obstruction on streets.
§ 9-1201.05. Denomination of streets as "business streets.".
§ 9-1201.06. Portion of streets may be set aside as parks.
§ 9-1201.07. Removal of obstructions from streets.
§ 9-1201.08. Penalty for failure to replace paving stones.
§ 9-1201.09. Improper appropriation or occupation of streets.
§ 9-1201.10. Railroad sidings south of Virginia and Maryland Avenues authorized.
§ 9-1201.11. Railroad sidings into lots for business uses authorized.
§ 9-1201.12. Railroad tracks and additional stations authorized.
§ 9-1201.13. Railroads may use Union Station and terminals.
§ 9-1201.14. Streets to be under or over railroad tracks.
§ 9-1201.15. Subways and viaducts to eliminate grade crossings authorized.
Subchapter II. Railroad Track Extensions--Navy Yard. Back to Top
§ 9-1203.01. Track extensions for development of Buzzards Point authorized.
§ 9-1203.02. Sale or lease of track connection with Navy Yard authorized.
§ 9-1203.03. Branch tracks, spurs, or sidings authorized.
§ 9-1203.04. Extensions through public grounds authorized.
§ 9-1203.05. Authority of Mayor under § 9-1201.15 not affected.
§ 9-1203.06. Condemnation proceedings by railroad company.
§ 9-1203.07. Company to pay portion of cost of paving or repairing streets.
§ 9-1203.08. Use of track extensions by other carriers.
§ 9-1203.09. Right to alter, amend, or repeal this subchapter.
Subchapter III. Railroad Track Extensions--New York Ave. Back to Top
§ 9-1205.01. Construction of switch connections--Authorized.
§ 9-1205.02. Construction of switch connections--Plans to be approved by Mayor.
§ 9-1205.03. Construction of switch connections--Grade crossings.
§ 9-1205.04. Construction of switch connections--Authority of Mayor not abridged.
§ 9-1205.05. Right to amend, alter or repeal subchapter.
Subchapter IV. Electrification of Railroad Lines. Back to Top
§ 9-1207.01. Electrification of existing steam railroad lines.
§ 9-1207.02. Submarine cables at drawbridge openings.
§ 9-1207.03. Construction of electrical conduit systems authorized.
§ 9-1207.04. Jurisdiction of Department of Army, Mayor, and Interstate Commerce Commission not limited.
§ 9-1207.05. Liability of railroad companies for injuries.
Subchapter IV-A. Streetcars. Back to Top
§ 9-1208.01. Streetcar plan.
Subchapter V. Employment for Purposes of Road Work. Back to Top
§ 9-1209.01. Employment of temporary special and technical employees.
§ 9-1209.02. Employment of temporary laborers and mechanics.
§ 9-1209.03. Employment of horses, horse-drawn vehicles, and motortrucks.
§ 9-1209.04. Employment of personnel and equipment to execute work payable from miscellaneous trust fund deposits.
Subchapter VI. Helicopter Landing Pads. Back to Top
§ 9-1211.01. Helicopter landing pads.
Subchapter VII. Barbed-Wire Fences. Back to Top
§ 9-1213.01. Construction or maintenance within fire limits.
§ 9-1213.02. Construction or maintenance outside fire limits.
§ 9-1213.03. Notice to remove; service.
§ 9-1213.04. Penalties.
§ 9-1213.05. Failure to remove.
Subchapter VIII. Make a Difference Selection Committee. Back to Top
§ 9-1215.01. Establishment of the Make a Difference Selection Committee.
§ 9-1215.02. Committee duties.
§ 9-1215.03. Selection criteria.
§ 9-1215.04. Special trust fund.
§ 9-1215.05. Marker design and installation.
§ 9-1215.06. Marker locations.
§ 9-1215.07. Make a Difference Foundation.
§ 9-1215.08. Mayor to issue rules.
Subchapter IX. Street Closings and Acquisitions. Back to Top
Part A. Cost of Street Extensions.
§ 9-1217.01. Cost of street extension assessed as benefits; assessments for parkways.
Part B. Repealed Provisions.
§ 9-1217.11. Council authorized to open, extend, or widen streets; damages and costs.[Repealed]
§§ 9-1217.12 to 9-1217.24. Condemnation proceedings authorized; contents of condemnation petition; public notice of proceedings; service; appointment of guardian ad litem; condemnation jury--Selection; composition; oath; objections to members; hearings; verdict; condemnation of part of plot; assessment of benefits and damages; excess damages and costs; objections to verdict; vacation of verdict; confirmation of verdict; payment of award; assessments made liens; payments; amendment of proceedings; appeal; deposit of award in registry; transfer of title.[Repealed]
§§ 9-1217.25, 9-1217.26. Condemnation for streets through unsubdivided part of plot--Authorized; procedures; appropriations.[Repealed]
§§ 9-1217.27, 9-1217.28. Dismissal of proceedings; appropriations authorized.[Repealed]
§ 9-1217.29. Assessments for benefits.[Repealed]
Subchapter X. Alleys and Minor Streets. Back to Top
Part A. Condemnation of Materials for Public Roads.
§ 9-1219.01. Condemnation of materials for making or repairing public roads.
Part B. Repealed Provisions.
§§ 9-1219.11 to 9-1219.18. Mayor authorized to open, extend, widen, or straighten alleys and minor streets;  conditions;  width of minor streets; closing of alleys rendered useless or unnecessary;  closing of existing alley upon dedication of new alley;  closing of alley less than 10 feet wide; closing of alley upon erection of building covering two-thirds of square; change of alleyway--Petition;  recordation of order and plat;  title to closed alley;  closing of alley upon new use of square.[Repealed]
§§ 9-1219.19 to 9-1219.22. Closing of alley upon acquisition by District of abutting property; land owned by District may be set aside for alley purposes; notice of order; hearing; maps.[Repealed]
§§ 9-1219.23 to 9-1219.28. Condemnation to open, widen, or straighten alleys or minor streets; plats; notice of condemnation; service; condemnation jury; appointment; oath; objection to jurors; hearing; verdict; assessment of benefits where only part of parcel is condemned; objections to verdict; modification or vacation; benefits assessed must equal damages and costs.[Repealed]
§ 9-1219.29. Assessment on all lots, pieces or parcels benefited by opening of alley or minor street or by establishment of building line.[Repealed]
§§ 9-1219.30, 9-1219.31. Awards paid by Treasurer of United States; benefits deducted from damages; assessments made liens; payments; amendments of property description.[Repealed]
§ 9-1219.32. Appeal from confirmation of assessment.[Repealed]
§ 9-1219.33. Benefit assessments from condemnation for alleys or minor streets.[Repealed]
§§ 9-1219.34 to 9-1219.39. Proceeds of sale of lands paid into Treasury; plats to be made by Surveyor; costs; correcting defects in certain prior proceedings; certain alleys previously opened made valid; certain alleys closed prior to March 3, 1901, unaffected; surplus from sale of land in which United States is interested to be paid into Treasury.[Repealed]
§ 9-1219.40. Costs paid from alley appropriations when proceedings fail.[Repealed]
§ 9-1219.41. Mayor to employ assistant to Corporation Counsel for condemnation proceedings.[Repealed]