Title 8. Environmental and Animal Control and Protection.

Subtitle A. Environmental Control and Protection. Back to Top
Chapter 1. Environmental Controls.
Chapter 1A. District Department of the Environment.
Chapter 1B. District of Columbia Office of Energy.
Chapter 2. Drainage of Lots.
Chapter 2A. Lead-Hazard Prevention and Elimination.
Chapter 3. Weeds and Plant Diseases.
Chapter 4. Pesticide Operations.
Chapter 5. Manufacture, Renovation, and Sale of Mattresses.
Chapter 6. Privies.
Chapter 6A. Brownfield Revitalization.
Chapter 6B. Urban Forest Preservation.
Chapter 6C. Uniform Environmental Covenants.
Subtitle B. Waste Disposal and Management. Back to Top
Chapter 7. Garbage.
Chapter 7A. Trash Collection Noise Violation Abatement.
Chapter 8. Litter Control Administration.
Chapter 9. Illegal Dumping Enforcement.
Chapter 10. Solid Waste Management and Multi-Material Recycling.
Chapter 11. Multi-Material Recycling Systems.
Subtitle C. Hazardous Waste and Materials Disposal and Management. Back to Top
Chapter 12. Hazardous Materials Study Commission.[Repealed]
Chapter 13. Hazardous Waste Management.
Chapter 14. Hazardous Materials Transportation.
Chapter 15. Low-Level Radioactive Waste Generator Regulatory Policy.
Subtitle D. Soil and Waste Conservation. Back to Top
Chapter 16. Potomac River Basin Compact.
Chapter 17. Soil and Water Conservation.
Subtitle D-I. Energy Conservation. Back to Top
Chapter 17M. Energy Efficiency Standards.
Chapter 17N. Sustainable Energy.
Chapter 17O. Wind Energy.
Chapter 17P. Smart Lighting.
Chapter 17Q. Government Energy Reduction.
Chapter 17R. Energy Efficiency Financing.
Chapter 17S. Submission of State Energy Plans.
Subtitle E. Animal Control and Protection. Back to Top
Chapter 18. Animal Control.
Chapter 19. Dangerous Dogs.
Chapter 20. Horse-Drawn Carriages.
Chapter 20A. Pet Ownership Restriction in Assisted Housing.
Chapter 21. Rodent Control.
Chapter 21A. Vector-Borne Infectious Diseases Control.
Chapter 22. Wildlife Protection.