Chapter 8. Prescription Drug Price Information.

Subchapter I. Prescription Drug Price Posting. Back to Top
§ 48-801.01. List of most commonly used prescription drugs.
§ 48-801.02. Posters to be furnished pharmacies; contents.
§ 48-801.03. Completion and display of posters.
§ 48-801.04. Quotation of prices, services and charges.
§ 48-801.05. Services and drugs to be furnished at prices posted; exception.
§ 48-801.06. Consumer information to reflect actual charges.
Subchapter II. Advertising. Back to Top
§ 48-802.01. Interference with disclosure of price information prohibited.
Subchapter III. Substitution of Therapeutically Equivalent Drugs. Back to Top
§ 48-803.01. Generically equivalent drug formulary; therapeutic interchange list.
§ 48-803.02. Dispensing of generically equivalent drug products.
§ 48-803.03. Dispensing of substitute drug products--conditions.
§ 48-803.03a. Dispensing of substitute drug products by pharmacists-- notification of substitution.
§ 48-803.04. Dispensation of equivalent products by pharmacists--Recording and labeling required.
§ 48-803.05. Dispensation of equivalent products by pharmacists-- Consideration as practice of medicine or evidence of negligence; failure of physician to specify specific brand.
Subchapter IV. Enforcement. Back to Top
§ 48-804.01. Violations of posting provisions.
§ 48-804.02. Restraints of trade.
§ 48-804.03. Inspection of pricing records and practices; cease and desist orders.
Subchapter IV-A. Definitions. Back to Top
§ 48-804.51. Definitions.