• Current through October 23, 2012

All moneys appropriated for the expenses of the government of the District of Columbia, together with all revenues of the District of Columbia from taxes or otherwise, shall be deposited in the Treasury of the United States, as required by the provisions of § 47-409, and shall be drawn therefrom only on requisition of the Mayor of the District of Columbia (except that the moneys appropriated for interest and the sinking fund shall be drawn therefrom only on the requisition of the Treasurer of the United States), such requisition specifying the appropriation upon which the same is drawn; and in no case shall such appropriation be exceeded either in requisition or expenditure; and the accounts for all disbursements of the Mayor of said District shall be made monthly to the General Accounting Office by the Auditor of the District of Columbia, on vouchers certified by the Mayor, as required by law.

(July 1, 1882, 22 Stat. 144, ch. 263, § 3; Mar. 3, 1883, 22 Stat. 470, ch. 95, § 2; June 10, 1921, 42 Stat. 24, ch. 18, § 304; enacted, Apr. 9, 1997, D.C. Law 11-254, § 2, 44 DCR 1575.)


Prior Codifications

1981 Ed., § 47-410.

1973 Ed., § 47-310.