• Current through October 23, 2012

(a) An athlete agent, with the intent to induce a student-athlete to enter into an agency contract, may not:

(1) Give any materially false or misleading information or make a materially false promise or representation;

(2) Furnish anything of value to a student-athlete before the student- athlete enters into the agency contract; or

(3) Furnish anything of value to any individual other than the student- athlete or another registered athlete agent.

(b) An athlete agent may not intentionally:

(1) Initiate contact with a student-athlete unless registered under this part;

(2) Refuse or fail to retain or permit inspection of the records required to be retained by § 47-2887.12;

(3) Fail to register when required by § 47-2887.03;

(4) Provide materially false or misleading information in an application for registration or renewal of registration;

(5) Predate or postdate an agency contract; or

(6) Fail to notify a student-athlete before the student-athlete signs or otherwise authenticates an agency contract for a particular sport that the signing or authentication may make the student-athlete ineligible to participate as a student-athlete in that sport.

(Apr. 13, 2002, D.C. Law 14-107, § 3, 49 DCR 1193).


Legislative History of Laws

For D.C. Law 14-107, see notes following § 47-2887.01.

Uniform Law

This section is based upon § 14 of the Uniform Athlete Agents Act. See Vol. 7, Pt. I, Uniform Laws Annotated, Master Edition, or ULA Database on Westlaw.