• Current through October 23, 2012

The Mayor of the District of Columbia shall appoint a Deputy Disbursing Officer of the District of Columbia and such assistant disbursing officers of the District of Columbia as he may, in his discretion and subject to available appropriations, consider necessary, such Deputy Disbursing Officer and assistant disbursing officers to be subordinated to the Disbursing Officer, District of Columbia.

(July 30, 1951, 65 Stat. 127, ch. 250, § 1; Mar. 3, 1979, D.C. Law 2-139, § 3205(q), 25 DCR 5740; enacted, Apr. 9, 1997, D.C. Law 11-254, § 2, 44 DCR 1575.)


Prior Codifications

1981 Ed., § 47-113.

1973 Ed., § 47-113a.

Legislative History of Laws

Law 2-139, the "District of Columbia Government Comprehensive Merit Personnel Act of 1978," was introduced in Council and assigned Bill No. 2-10, which was referred to the Committee on Government Operations. The Bill was adopted on first and second readings on October 17, 1978 and October 31, 1978, respectively. Signed by the Mayor on November 22, 1978, it was assigned Act No. 2-300 and transmitted to both Houses of Congress for its review.

Miscellaneous Notes

Disbursing Office abolished: See Historical and Statutory Notes following § 47-111.