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N. P. Chipman, J. P. Newman, B. Peyton Brown, John A. L. Morrell, Mathew G. Emery, Joseph H. Bradley, senior, William R. Woodward, E. Whittlesey, Warren Choate, Andrew B. Duvall, A. S. Solomons, W. G. Metzerott, Alexander R. Shepperd, S. J. Bowen, H. M. Sweeney, Benjamin E. Gittings, William Tucker, Charles H. Lane, W. Burris, William McPheeters, E. F. N. Faehtz, J. L. Gatchel, John R. Elvans, Edgar I. Booraem, L. H. Hopkins, Thomas P. Keene, W. D. Blackford, F. H. Day, J. Sayles Brown, William Lanborn, E. L. Corbin, N. A. West, John R. Arrison, W. A. Farlee, Benjamin F. Fuller, Robert A. Slater, Alonzo Bell, A. T. Kinney, John J. Jett, A. M. Scott, A. C. White, A. E. Newton, A. S. Taylor, William H. Rowe, Robert Reyburn, W. H. Slater, John C. Parker, William J. Wilson, S. S. Baker, A. Jones, S. R. Bond, John F. Cook, D. W. Anderson, George A. Hall, Charles H. Moulton, John Edwin Mason, Allison Nailor, junior, David A. Burr, T. C. Grey, R. H. Marsh, Thomas Perry, George F. Gulick, and Theodore F. Gatchel, all of the District of Columbia, and such other persons as were associated with them in conformity to this chapter, and their successors duly chosen, were constituted and created a body corporate in the District of Columbia, to be known as the Washington Humane Society.

(June 21, 1870, 16 Stat. 158, ch. 135, § 1; Feb. 13, 1885, 23 Stat. 302, ch. 58, § 1.)


Prior Codifications

1981 Ed., § 32-901.

1973 Ed., § 32-201.