• Current through October 23, 2012

The Mayor shall issue rules to implement the provisions of this chapter, including the establishment of:

(1) Fees;

(2) Procedures for license application, issuance, and renewal;

(3) Procedures for regulation of nurse staffing agencies located outside the District of Columbia;

(4) Requirements for maintenance of documentation and for submission of documentation to the Department;

(5) Minimum standards for operation and continued licensure of nurse staffing agencies; and

(6) Enforcement and hearing procedures.

(March 10, 2004, D.C. Law 15-74, § 17, 50 DCR 10914.)


Legislative History of Laws

For Law 15-74, see notes following § 44-1051.02.

Delegation of Authority

Delegation of Authority Pursuant to D.C. Law 15-74, the "Nursing Staffing Agency Act of 2003", see Mayor's Order 2004-83, May 21, 2004 (51 DCR 5837).