Subchapter II. Lien Instruments.[Repealed]

§ 42-832.01. General.[Repealed]
§ 42-832.02. Creation; statement of monetary value; other obligations secured.[Repealed]
§ 42-832.03. Lien instrument creates security interest only; negative covenant does not create a lien instrument.[Repealed]
§ 42-832.04. Parties to a lien instrument and addresses.[Repealed]
§ 42-832.05. Information form required in every deed of trust or mortgage encumbering residential real property.[Repealed]
§ 42-832.06. Execution, acknowledgement and recordation of a lien instrument in the same manner as a deed.[Repealed]
§ 42-832.07. Duty of Recorder of Deeds.[Repealed]
§ 42-832.08. Assignment, transfer, enforcement and performance of deed of trust or mortgage.[Repealed]
§ 42-832.09. Assignment or transfer of real property encumbered by lien instrument and liability of transferor and transferee to noteowner and each other.[Repealed]
§ 42-832.10. Obligation to provide name and address of noteowner, interested persons in note, amounts due and status of lien instrument.[Repealed]
§ 42-832.11. Decisions by multiple noteowners.[Repealed]
§ 42-832.12. Independent trustee or assignee for foreclosure required for noteowner, beneficiary, mortgagee, or secured party to bid at a power of sale foreclosure.[Repealed]
§ 42-832.13. Right to determine reasonable foreclosure sale terms and conditions if deed of trust or mortgage does not state them.[Repealed]
§ 42-832.14. Deed-in-lieu of foreclosure or deed to noteowner's designee; no effect on senior or subordinate interests.[Repealed]
§ 42-832.15. Redemption from noteowner by performance or tender.[Repealed]
§ 42-832.16. Prepayment of note secured by lien instrument.[Repealed]
§ 42-832.17. Release of lien instrument after time period when no enforcement.[Repealed]
§ 42-832.18. Authorized forms of release of lien instrument.[Repealed]
§ 42-832.19. Noteowner's obligation to provide release of lien instrument.[Repealed]
§ 42-832.20. Effective date of noteowner's receipt of payments.[Repealed]
§ 42-832.21. When deed absolute, conditional sale, or contract for a deed will be considered a lien instrument.[Repealed]
§ 42-832.22. Priority: effect of lien instrument priority on foreclosure; effect of lien instrument priority on unrecorded leases.[Repealed]
§ 42-832.23. Priority: purchase money lien instruments.[Repealed]
§ 42-832.24. Priority: replacement and modification of senior lien instruments; effect on intervening interests.[Repealed]
§ 42-832.25. Priority: effect of priority on the disposition of foreclosure surplus.[Repealed]
§ 42-832.26. Priority: lien on after-acquired real property.[Repealed]
§ 42-832.27. Priority: subrogation.[Repealed]
§ 42-832.28. Priority: subordination.[Repealed]
§ 42-832.29. Priority: foreclosure of wrap-around lien instruments.[Repealed]
§ 42-832.30. Future advances: general.[Repealed]
§ 42-832.31. Future advances: expenditures for the protection of the real property encumbered by a lien instrument.[Repealed]
§ 42-832.32. Future advances: lien instruments securing future advances for improvements to residential real property.[Repealed]
§ 42-832.33. Simultaneous foreclosure of lien instrument and ancillary lien instrument.[Repealed]
§ 42-832.34. Mortgaging rents.[Repealed]