Subchapter IV. Registration and Offering of Condominiums.

§ 42-1904.01. Exemptions.
§ 42-1904.02. No offer or disposition of unit prior to registration; current public offering statement; right of cancellation by purchaser; form therefor prescribed by Mayor.
§ 42-1904.03. Application for registration; contents; later registration of additional units; availability for public inspection; fee to be determined by Mayor.
§ 42-1904.04. Public offering statement; form prescribed by Mayor; contents; use in promotions; material change in information and amendment of statement.
§ 42-1904.05. Application for registration--Investigation by Mayor upon receipt.
§ 42-1904.06. Application for registration--Notice of filing; registration or rejection; notice of need for rejection; hearing.
§ 42-1904.07. Registration; annual updating report by declarant; termination.
§ 42-1904.08. Conversion condominiums; additional contents of public offering statement; notice of intent to convert; tenant's and subtenant's right to purchase; notice to vacate.
§ 42-1904.09. Escrow of deposits; to bear interest; not subject to attachment.
§ 42-1904.10. Copies of declaration and bylaws to be furnished to purchaser by declarant.
§ 42-1904.11. Resale by unit owner; seller to obtain appropriate statements from association and furnish to purchaser; scope of provisions.
§ 42-1904.12. Mayor to administer chapter; rules and regulations; advertising materials; abbreviated public offering statement; court actions; intervention in suits involving condominiums; notice relating to conversion condominiums.
§ 42-1904.13. Investigations and proceedings; powers of Mayor; enforcement through courts.
§ 42-1904.14. Cease and desist and affirmative action orders; temporary cease and desist orders; prior notice thereof.
§ 42-1904.15. Revocation of registration; notice; hearing; written finding of fact; cease and desist order as alternative.
§ 42-1904.16. Judicial review of mayoral actions.
§ 42-1904.17. Penalties; prosecution by Corporation Counsel.
§ 42-1904.18. Severability.