• Current through October 23, 2012

(a) The Office shall issue reports summarizing the findings of each inspection or investigation it conducts.

(b) The Office shall make available, upon request, each report issued pursuant to subsection (a) of this section to the provider, the Mayor, and all members of the Interagency Council. Upon request, the Office shall deliver an appropriate number of copies of the final report to the shelter for distribution to clients.

(c) The Office, in coordination with the Interagency Council, shall issue the general findings of its monitoring efforts as a section of the annual report required under § 4-752.02(5).

(Oct. 22, 2005, D.C. Law 16-35, § 27c, as added Mar. 14, 2007, D.C. Law 16-296, § 2(i), 54 DCR 1097.)


Legislative History of Laws

For Law 16-296, see notes following § 4-754.51.