Chapter 9. Rates, Examinations, Investigations, and Hearings.

§ 34-901. Existing rates continued; schedules to be filed; application to change rates; review of ruling by Court of Appeals.
§ 34-902. Commission may adopt rules and regulations.
§ 34-903. Commission to keep informed of business conduct of utilities.
§ 34-904. Inspection of books and examination of officers of utilities.
§ 34-905. Production of records of utilities; attendance of witnesses; duties of United States Attorney and Corporation Counsel.
§ 34-906. Appointment of investigating agents; powers.
§ 34-907. Utilities to furnish information required by Commission; maps, books, reports to be delivered on request.
§ 34-908. Investigation of unjust discriminatory rates, schedules, or services; no order to be entered without formal hearing.
§ 34-909. Public notice of rate applications or changes in conditions of service; opportunity for public response; notice to utility; setting time and place for hearing and investigation.
§ 34-910. Notice as to hearings; compulsory attendance of witnesses.
§ 34-911. Reasonable rates to be ordered; notice to affected utility.
§ 34-912. Expenses of investigation to be borne by utility; deposit for costs; limitation of expenditures in hearings; reimbursement fee.
§ 34-913. Separate hearings on complaints; complaints not to be dismissed because of absence of direct damage.
§ 34-914. Summary investigation.
§ 34-915. Hearings after summary investigation.
§ 34-916. Notice; hearing to be conducted as though complaint had been filed.
§ 34-917. Utility may make complaint.
§ 34-918. Commissioners and agents may administer oaths, issue subpoenas; proceeding to punish for contempt.
§ 34-919. Witness fees.
§ 34-920. Testimony may be taken by deposition.
§ 34-921. Record of proceedings to be kept; testimony to be taken stenographically.
§ 34-922. Certified copy of transcript to be received in evidence; copy to be furnished without cost.