• Current through October 23, 2012

In evaluating and awarding the franchise agreement, the Mayor shall give priority to entities that have the technical and financial ability to successfully provide the package of services for digitally-disadvantaged residents included in each proposal and provide written evidence that they meet the following criteria in the following order of priority:

(1) A proposal to provide a package of services for the largest number of digitally-disadvantaged residents, by income level, or residence in digitally-disadvantaged areas, or both;

(2) A proposal to provide a package of services to digitally-disadvantaged residents according to the fastest schedule;

(3) A proposal that includes provisions to periodically upgrade hardware provided as part of any package of services to digitally-disadvantaged residents;

(4) Such other factors as the Mayor may identify in the best interests of the District to further the purposes of this chapter.

(Mar. 2, 2007, D.C. Law 16-210, § 6, 53 DCR 9122; Mar. 25, 2009, D.C. Law 17-353, § 152, 56 DCR 1117.)


Effect of Amendments

D.C. Law 17-353 validated a previously made technical correction.

Emergency Act Amendments

For temporary (90 day) addition, see § 6 of Digital Inclusion Emergency Act of 2006 (D.C. Act 16-467, July 25, 2006, 53 DCR 6754).

Legislative History of Laws

For Law 16-210, see notes following § 34-1731.01.

For Law 17-353, see notes following § 34-804.