• Current through October 23, 2012

(a) The Council of the District of Columbia finds that:

(1) The rates, services, and operation of cable services and systems in the District affect the public interest;

(2) Further development of cable television may result in greater benefits for District residents;

(3) Cable television and cable technology play an essential role in the District's basic infrastructure;

(4) Cable systems occupy and extensively use scarce and valuable public rights-of-way in a manner reserved primarily for those who provide essential service to the public;

(5) Cable systems have the capacity to provide, in addition to entertainment and information services to District residents, a variety of broadband interactive communications services to individuals, the District government, and other institutions; and

(6) It is, and should be, the policy of the District of Columbia to provide fair regulation of cable service providers in the public interest.

(b) The purposes of this subchapter are:

(1) To ensure that any authority granted to provide cable service is exercised in the public interest;

(2) To establish the procedures for granting, renewing, transferring, and revoking authority to provide cable services;

(3) To establish baseline standards for the operation of cable service providers in the District;

(4) To establish a framework for the ongoing regulation of cable service providers and for the promulgation of rules and regulations governing the provision of cable service;

(5) To encourage the optimum development of the economic, educational, and community service potentials of cable services and cable systems;

(6) To promote just and reasonable rates and charges for cable services without discrimination, undue preferences or advantages, or unfair or destructive competitive practices;

(7) To promote harmonious relationships between cable operators and their customers;

(8) To create and maintain an economic and regulatory environment that promotes competition in the cable television industry in the District; and

(9) To attract the deployment and maintenance of advanced cable services in the District.

(Aug. 21, 1982, D.C. Law 4-142, § 102, as added Oct. 9, 2002, D.C. Law 14-193, § 2(b), 49 DCR 7334.)


Legislative History of Laws

For Law 14-193, see notes following § 34-1251.01.