Subchapter I. General.

§ 32-201. Employment of minors under 14 years of age; distribution of newspapers permitted.
§ 32-202. Employment of minors under 18 years of age; hours of employment; notice to be posted in place of employment; list of minors employed.
§ 32-203. Employment dangerous or prejudicial to life prohibited; Board of Education to prohibit such employment by general or special order.
§ 32-204. Employment of minors under 16 years of age in certain occupations prohibited; exception.
§ 32-205. Employment of minors under 18 years of age in certain occupations prohibited.
§ 32-206. Theatrical permits for minors under 18 years of age for performances and professional sports activities.
§ 32-207. Work or vacation permit--Procurement by employer.
§ 32-208. Work or vacation permit--Issue by Board of Education; contents; records of applicants.
§ 32-209. Work or vacation permit--Application requirements.
§ 32-210. Evidence of age.
§ 32-211. Vacation permits.
§ 32-212. Employer to furnish, on demand, proof of age of employee.
§ 32-213. Penalties.
§ 32-214. Board of Education to enforce law; inspection of places in which minors are employed.
§ 32-215. Limitations on employment in stuffing, sale and distribution of newspapers; exercise of trades in streets; exception for distribution of political literature.
§ 32-216. Street-trades badges--Required.
§ 32-217. Street-trades badges--Application requirements.
§ 32-218. Street-trades badges--Contents; record to be kept; badges not transferable.
§ 32-219. Violation of §§ 32-215 to 32-221; revocation of badge or work permit.
§ 32-220. Persons selling merchandise to minor for resale or distribution to ascertain that minor wears badge; penalties; exception.
§ 32-221. Loitering around business establishments prohibited during school hours; penalty.
§ 32-222. Prosecutions.
§ 32-223. Severability.
§ 32-224. Board of Education authorized to enforce subchapter, make regulations, delegate functions, and appoint inspectors.