Chapter 43. Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking with Respect to Life Companies.

§ 31-4301. Department continued; personnel; performance of Commissioner's duties; seal; Commissioner's office and papers to be public; Commissioner's annual reports; out-of-state visits.
§ 31-4302. Collection of charges and fees.
§ 31-4303. Disposition of excess in fees, charges, or taxes.
§ 31-4304. Certificate of authority--Investigation of qualifications; effect; issuance.
§ 31-4305. Certificate of authority--Revocation or suspension; grounds; hearing; alternative penalty.
§§ 31-4306, 31-4307. Certificate of authority--Companies required to file; failure to file; publication of summary; annual financial statement--Forms to be furnished by Superintendent.[Repealed]
§ 31-4308. Companies or agents not to make or publish false statements.[Repealed]
§ 31-4309. Representation of financial standing--All companies or agents.[Repealed]
§ 31-4310. Representation of financial standing--Alien companies; violations.
§ 31-4311. Defamatory or injurious false statements against companies.[Repealed]
§ 31-4312. Commissioner authorized to issue subpoenas; enforcement.
§ 31-4313. Enforcement of Commissioner's orders or actions.
§ 31-4314. False statements in application for policy.
§ 31-4315. Deposit of securities by companies desiring to transact business -- Amount; deposits outside District.
§ 31-4316. Deposit of securities by companies desiring to transact business -- Type of securities allowed; officials responsible for safekeeping; collection of income; substitution; decline in value.
§ 31-4317. Deposit of securities by companies desiring to transact business -- Withdrawal upon discontinuance of business or reinsurance.
§ 31-4318. Examinations; reports; expenses.[Repealed]
§§ 31-4319 to 31-4321. Superintendent authorized to take over companies; grounds; procedure; liquidation; special agents and employees; rules and regulations; reports and bonds; companies deemed insolvent; reinsurance by Superintendent.[Repealed]
§ 31-4322. Valuation of securities.[Repealed]
§ 31-4323. Service of process; appointment of Superintendent as attorney of companies; violations.[Repealed]
§ 31-4324. Political contributions prohibited; immunity of witnesses in proceedings in regard to violations.[Repealed]
§§ 31-4325 to 31-4328. General agents, agents, or solicitors;  issuance, expiration and renewal of required license;  exceptions;  termination of employment;  information provided Superintendent deemed privileged;  suspension or revocation of licenses;  grounds;  hearing and appeal;  alternative penalty;  judicial appeals from rulings of Superintendent;  procedure; liability of Superintendent in proceedings;  brokers;  issuance, revocation and renewal of required license;  violations.[Repealed]
§ 31-4329. Disposition of premiums paid to agents.
§ 31-4330. Contractual rights of minors.
§ 31-4331. Assessment companies prohibited.
§ 31-4332. Appeals from Commissioner to Mayor.