Subtitle II. Regulation of Insurance Industry Generally.

Chapter 3. Annual Audited Financial Reports.
Chapter 4. Business Transacted with Producer Controlled Insurer.
Chapter 5. Credit for Reinsurance.
Chapter 6. Domestic Stock Insurance Companies.
Chapter 6A. Fingerprint-Based Background Checks.
Chapter 7. Holding Companies.
Chapter 8. Insurance Agents and Brokers Licensing.[Repealed]
Chapter 8A. Insurance Compliance Self-Evaluation Privilege.
Chapter 9. Insurance Demutualization.
Chapter 10. Insurance Industry Material Transactions Disclosures.
Chapter 11. Insurance Premium Finance Companies.
Chapter 11A. Insurance Producers.
Chapter 12. Insurance Regulatory Trust Fund.
Chapter 13. Insurers Rehabilitation and Liquidation Procedures.
Chapter 13A. Investments of Insurers.
Chapter 13B. Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compacts.
Chapter 14. Law on Examinations.
Chapter 15. Managing General Agents.
Chapter 16. Prohibition of Discrimination in the Provision of Insurance on Basis of AIDS Test.
Chapter 16A. Public Insurance Adjuster Licensure.
Chapter 17. Redomestication.
Chapter 18. Reinsurance Intermediaries.
Chapter 19. Required Annual Financial Statements and Participation in the Naic Insurance Regulatory Information System.
Chapter 20. Risk-Based Capital.
Chapter 21. Standards to Identify Insurance Companies Deemed to Be in Hazardous Financial Condition.
Chapter 22. State of Entry for Non-US Insurers.
Chapter 22A. Unfair Insurance Trade Practices.
Chapter 23. United States Branch Domestication of Non-US Insurers.