Chapter 2. Business Corporations (1901).[Repealed]

Subchapter I. General.[Repealed] Back to Top
§ 29A-201.01. Formation--Number of incorporators; dealing in real estate.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.02. Formation--Contents of certificate.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.03. Formation--Name; powers; restrictions on mortgages.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.04. Trustees--Duties; qualifications; annual election.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.05. Trustees--Procedure for election; vacancies.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.06. Trustees--Effect of failure to hold election of trustees at designated time.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.07. Officers.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.08. Bylaws.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.09. Stock--Amount to be paid in before commencing business; calls for residue of subscription; failure to make payments.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.10. Stock--Deemed personal property; transferability.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.11. Liability of stockholders.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.12. Certificate of capital stock paid in.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.13. Annual report--Filing; fees; and penalties.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.14. Registered office and registered agent.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.15. Registered office and registered agent--Liability of officers for false certificate or report.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.16. Purchase of stock of other corporations unlawful.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.17. Loans secured by corporation's own stock prohibited; release of borrower.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.18. Dividends not to be declared if corporation is thereby rendered insolvent or capital decreased--Trustees personally liable for debts.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.19. Dividends not to be declared if corporation is thereby rendered insolvent or capital decreased--Exemption from liability for objecting trustees.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.20. Executor, administrator, guardian, or trustee--No personal liability as stockholder.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.21. Executor, administrator, guardian, or trustee--Right to vote.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.22. Pledges of stock; no personal liability; right to vote.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.23. Stock book--To be kept by treasurer or secretary; contents.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.24. Stock book--Inspection.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.25. 29-201.25.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.26. Stock book--Presumptive evidence of facts stated therein.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.27. Stock book--Failure to make entries or to allow inspections of books.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.28. Stock book--Liability for neglect to keep open for inspection.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.29. Increase or diminution of stock--Extension of business.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.30. Diminution of capital stock when debts exceed proposed capital.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.31. Meeting of stockholders for purpose of increase or diminution of capital stock, or change of business--Notice to stockholders.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.32. Meeting of stockholders for purpose of increase or diminution of capital stock, or change of business--Quorum.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.33. Meeting of stockholders for purpose of increase or diminution of capital stock, or change of business--Certificate by chairman.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.34. Meeting of stockholders for purpose of increase or diminution of capital stock, or change of business--Filing of certificate.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.35. Meeting of stockholders for purpose of increase or diminution of capital stock, or change of business--Vote required for approval.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.36. Certified copy of certificate of incorporation to be presumptive evidence.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.37. Amendment of charter; procedure.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.38. Stock; classes of preferred and common authorized; restrictions, limitations or preferences to be printed on stock certificate; "charter" defined.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.39. Sale, lease or exchange of property or assets as an entirety; approval of stockholders required; rights of dissenting stockholders.[Repealed]
§ 29A-201.40. Fire insurance companies formed prior to January 1, 1902, may become perpetual.[Repealed]
Subchapter II. Dissolution of Corporations.[Repealed] Back to Top
§ 29A-221.01. Voluntary dissolution--Application for decree or to court.[Repealed]
§ 29A-221.02. Voluntary dissolution--Contents of application.[Repealed]
§ 29A-221.03. Order to appear; notice.[Repealed]
§ 29A-221.04. Auditor's report of corporate officers.[Repealed]
§ 29A-221.05. Decree of dissolution; appointment of receivers.[Repealed]
§ 29A-221.06. Receiver--Bond required.[Repealed]
§ 29A-221.07. Receiver--Vested with corporate property.[Repealed]
§ 29A-221.08. Receiver--Corporate authority; notice of appointment.[Repealed]
§ 29A-221.09. Effect of transactions and judgments confessed after petition filed.[Repealed]
§ 29A-221.10. Receiver; settlement of controversies; executory contracts.[Repealed]
§ 29A-221.11. Surplus assets--Distribution to creditors.[Repealed]
§ 29A-221.12. Surplus assets--Distribution to stockholders.[Repealed]
§ 29A-221.13. Receiver subject to court's direction; compensation.[Repealed]
§ 29A-221.14. Dissolution before capital stock paid in or investments made.[Repealed]
§ 29A-221.15. Dissolution by expiration of charter; authority of trustees for creditors and stockholders.[Repealed]
§ 29A-221.16. Dissolution--Actions pending not abated.[Repealed]
§ 29A-221.17. Dissolution--Proceedings in corporate name for use of others.[Repealed]
§ 29A-221.18. Suits after dissolution.[Repealed]
§ 29A-221.19. Involuntary dissolution--Suit by United States Attorney.[Repealed]
§ 29A-221.20. Involuntary dissolution--Answer of corporation.[Repealed]
§ 29A-221.21. Pleading.[Repealed]
§ 29A-221.22. Trial; decree of forfeiture; appointment of receiver.[Repealed]
§ 29A-221.23. Ex parte proceeding after default in pleading.[Repealed]
§ 29A-221.24. Final decree; power to withhold pending remedy of grievance.[Repealed]
§ 29A-221.25. Injunction against assuming corporate franchise or transacting business not authorized by charter.[Repealed]
§ 29A-221.26. Involuntary dissolution on application of creditors.[Repealed]
§ 29A-221.27. Injunction against transferring assets.[Repealed]
§ 29A-221.28. Parties defendant in creditor's suit.[Repealed]
§ 29A-221.29. Account and distribution.[Repealed]
Subchapter III. Boards of Trade.[Repealed] Back to Top
§ 29A-241.01. Incorporation; number of incorporators; election of officers; powers of body politic.[Repealed]
§ 29A-241.02. Power to hold real or personal estate.[Repealed]
§ 29A-241.03. Officers--Duties.[Repealed]
§ 29A-241.04. Officers--Election; failure to hold.[Repealed]
§ 29A-241.05. Officers--Tenure of office.[Repealed]
§ 29A-241.06. Bylaws.[Repealed]
§ 29A-241.07. Penalty for breach of provisions.[Repealed]
§ 29A-241.08. Limitation on authority to do business.[Repealed]