Chapter 10. Limited Liability Companies.[Repealed]

§ 29A-1001. Definitions.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1001.01. Purposes.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1002. Formation.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1003. Powers.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1004. Name.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1005. Reserved name.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1006. Articles of organization.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1007. Amendment of articles of organization.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1008. Restated articles of organization.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1009. Registered office and registered agent.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1010. Change of registered office or registered agent.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1011. Resignation of registered agent.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1012. Registered agent as agent for service; service when no registered agent.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1013. Partnership conversion to a limited liability company.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1014. Liability to third parties.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1015. Parties to actions.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1016. Limited liability company property.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1017. Management of limited liability company.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1018. Operating agreement.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1019. Management of a limited liability company by a manager.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1020. Limitation of liability of members and managers; exception.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1021. Business transactions of members or managers with the limited liability company.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1022. Information and records.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1023. Contributions.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1024. Sharing of profits and losses.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1025. Sharing of distributions.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1026. Interim distributions.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1027. Distribution upon resignation.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1028. Distribution in kind.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1029. Restrictions on making distribution.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1030. Liability upon wrongful distribution.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1031. Right to distribution.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1032. Admission of members.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1033. Nature of interest in limited liability company.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1034. Resignation of member.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1035. Assignment of financial rights.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1036. Assignment of governance rights.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1037. Restrictions on assignment of financial and governance rights.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1038. Rights of creditor.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1039. Powers of estate of a deceased or incompetent member.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1040. Approval of merger or consolidation.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1041. Articles of merger or consolidation.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1042. Effect of merger or consolidation.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1043. Right of action.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1044. Proper plaintiff.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1045. Pleading.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1046. Expenses.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1047. Dissolution; generally.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1048. Judicial dissolution.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1049. Articles of dissolution.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1050. Winding up.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1051. Distribution of assets upon dissolution.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1052. Law governing.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1053. Registration.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1054. Issuance of registration.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1055. Name.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1056. Changes and amendment.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1057. Cancellation of certificate of registration.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1058. Transaction of business without registration.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1059. Actions by Corporation Counsel.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1060. Transactions not constituting doing business.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1061. Assent to District laws.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1062. Merger of foreign limited liability company authorized to transact business in the District.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1063. Fees and charges.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1064. Two-year reports of domestic and foreign limited liability companies.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1065. Two-year registration fees to be paid by domestic and foreign limited liability companies.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1066. Penalty for failure to timely pay 2-year registration fees or file 2-year reports.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1067. Proclamation of revocation; effect of publication; extension of term of existence.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1068. Carrying on business after issuance of proclamation.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1069. Correction of error in proclamation.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1070. Limited liability companies included in a proclamation; reservation of name.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1071. Limited liability companies included in a proclamation-- Procedure for reinstatement.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1072. Penalties for failure to file 2-year report on time.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1073. Transaction of business outside the state.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1074. Taxation of limited liability companies.[Repealed]
§ 29A-1075. Regulatory body authority.[Repealed]