Chapter 3. Nonprofit Corporations.[Repealed]

Subchapter I. General.[Repealed] Back to Top
§ 29A-301.01. Short title.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.02. Definitions.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.03. Applicability.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.04. Purposes for corporate organization.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.05. General powers.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.06. Defense of ultra vires.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.07. Corporate name.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.08. Reserved name; transferability of right to exclusive use.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.09. Registered office and registered agent.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.10. Change of registered office or registered agent.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.11. Registered agent for service.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.12. Members.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.13. Bylaws.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.14. Meetings of members--Annual and special.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.15. Meetings of members--Notice.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.16. Voting.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.17. Quorum.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.18. Board of directors--Qualifications.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.19. Board of directors--Number; election; classification; and removal.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.20. Board of directors--Vacancies.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.21. Board of directors--Quorum.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.22. Board of directors--Designation or appointment of committees; authority.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.23. Board of directors--Meetings.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.24. Officers--Appointment or election; tenure of office; authority.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.25. Officers--Removal.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.26. Books and records; right of inspection.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.27. Shares of stock and dividends prohibited.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.28. Loans to directors and officers prohibited.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.29. Incorporators.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.30. Articles of incorporation.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.31. Filing of articles of incorporation.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.32. Effect of issuance of certificate of incorporation.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.33. Organization meetings; purpose; notice.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.34. Articles of incorporation--Right to amend.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.35. Articles of incorporation--Procedure to amend.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.36. Articles of amendment--Contents; vote required for approval.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.37. Articles of amendment--Filing.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.38. Effect of certificate of amendment.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.39. Procedure for merger.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.40. Procedure for consolidation.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.41. Merger or consolidation--Procedure for approval.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.42. Merger or consolidation--Contents of articles.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.43. Merger or consolidation--Effective date.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.44. Merger or consolidation--Effect; surviving or new corporation; rights, privileges, powers, immunities, duties and liabilities.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.45. Merger or consolidation--Domestic and foreign corporations.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.46. Sale, lease, exchange, or mortgage of assets.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.47. Voluntary dissolution--Notice; vote required for approval.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.48. Voluntary dissolution--Distribution of assets.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.49. Voluntary dissolution--Plan of distribution.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.50. Voluntary dissolution--Revocation of proceedings; notice; vote required for approval.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.51. Articles of dissolution--Contents.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.52. Articles of dissolution--Procedure for filing.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.53. Involuntary dissolution.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.54. Venue and process.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.55. Liquidation proceedings--Jurisdiction of court.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.56. Liquidation proceedings--Procedure; hearing; authority of receivers; distribution of assets.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.57. Liquidation proceedings--Qualification of receivers.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.58. Liquidation proceedings--Filing of claims.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.59. Liquidation proceedings--Discontinuance.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.60. Liquidation proceedings--Decree of dissolution.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.61. Liquidation proceedings--Filing of decree of dissolution.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.62. Dissolution--Distribution of assets; deposits and registry of court.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.63. Dissolution--Survival of remedy.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.64. Foreign corporations--Admission to conduct affairs in District.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.65. Foreign corporations--Powers authorized.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.66. Foreign corporations--Corporate name.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.67. Foreign corporations--Change of corporate name.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.68. Foreign corporations--Application for certificate of authority.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.69. Foreign corporations--Filing of application for certificate of authority.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.70. Foreign corporations--Effect of certificate of authority.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.71. Foreign corporations--Registered office and registered agent.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.72. Foreign corporations--Change of registered office or registered agent.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.73. Foreign corporations--Service of process.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.74. Foreign corporations--Amendment to articles of incorporation; filing.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.75. Foreign corporations--Merger.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.76. Foreign corporations--Amended certificate of authority.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.77. Foreign corporations--Withdrawal; procurement of certificate of withdrawal required; contents of application.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.78. Foreign corporations--Filing of application for withdrawal.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.79. Foreign corporations--Revocation of certificate of authority.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.80. Foreign corporations--Issuance of certificate of revocation.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.81. Foreign corporations--Application on effective date of subchapter.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.82. Foreign corporations--Conducting affairs without certificate of authority; validity of contracts or corporate acts not impaired; liabilities.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.83. Two-year report of domestic and foreign corporations-- Contents.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.84. Two-year report of domestic and foreign corporations-- Procedure for filing.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.85. Two-year report of domestic and foreign corporations--Effect of failure to pay or file.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.86. Proclamation of revocation; effect of publication.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.87. Penalty for conducting affairs after issuance of proclamation.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.88. Correction of error in proclamation.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.89. Proclaimed corporation--Reservation of name.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.90. Proclaimed corporation--Reinstatement; corporate name.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.91. Penalties for failure to file 2-year report.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.92. Fees and charges.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.93. Duties and functions of Mayor.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.94. Appeal to court from Mayor.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.95. Certificates and certified copies to be received in evidence.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.96. Forms to be furnished by Mayor.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.97. Voting requirements.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.98. Waiver of notice.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.99. Action by key members or directors without meeting; written consent required.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.100. Unauthorized assumption of corporate powers.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.101. Acceptance of subchapter--Procedure; vote required for approval; adoption by board of directors.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.102. Acceptance of subchapter--Statement of election; contents.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.103. Acceptance of subchapter--Procedure for filing of statement of election.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.104. Acceptance of subchapter--Effect of certificate of acceptance.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.105. Actions to be in name of District of Columbia; "Corporation Counsel" defined; adjudication of civil infractions.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.106. Right of repeal reserved.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.107. Subchapter not to affect Internal Revenue Code of 1954.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.108. Effect of invalidity of part of subchapter.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.109. Penalty for false statement.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.110. Effective date.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.111. Appropriation of funds.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.112. Exemption of government agencies from fees levied for Mayor as registered agent.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.113. Immunity from civil liability for a volunteer of the corporation.[Repealed]
§ 29A-301.114. Limited liability for an employee of the corporation.[Repealed]
Subchapter II. Private Foundations.[Repealed] Back to Top
§ 29A-321.01. Corporation treated as tax-exempt private foundation; provisions deemed contained in governing instrument; amendment of governing instrument.[Repealed]