Chapter 1. Business Corporations (1954).[Repealed]

§ 29A-101.01. Short title.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.02. Definitions.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.03. Authorized purposes for organization of corporation.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.04. General powers.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.05. Power of corporation to acquire its own shares.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.06. Dealing in real estate as corporate purpose.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.07. Defense of ultra vires.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.08. Corporate name.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.09. Reserved name.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.10. Registered office and registered agent required.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.11. Registered office and registered agent required--Change.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.12. Registered agent as agent for service; service when no registered agent.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.13. Shares--Power to issue; classes; par value; limitations, restrictions, or qualifications; voting power; preferred or special classes.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.14. Shares--Issuance of preferred or special classes in series.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.15. Shares--Subscriptions; irrevocability; payment.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.16. Shares--Consideration for issuance.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.17. Shares--Payment; promissory notes and future services excluded.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.18. Shares--Determination of amount of stated capital.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.19. Expenses of organization, reorganization, and financing.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.20. Stock certificates--Representation of shares; signers; restrictions or limitations on transferability and on issuance of shares of more than 1 class; contents.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.21. Stock certificates--Issuance of fractional shares or scrip.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.22. Liability of subscribers and shareholders.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.23. Limitation of shareholders' rights to acquire additional shares.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.24. Bylaws.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.25. Meetings of shareholders--Place; annual and special; right to vote.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.26. Meetings of shareholders--Notice.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.27. Voting of shares; exclusion of shares of corporation's own stock; determination of number of outstanding shares.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.28. Voting of shares--Determination of shareholders entitled to notice of or to vote at meeting; closing of transfer books and fixing record date.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.29. Voting of shares--By certain holders; proxy presumed valid.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.30. Voting of shares--Voting trust; certificates.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.31. Voting of shares--Quorum of shareholders required.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.32. Voting of shares--Board of directors; qualifications.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.33. Voting of shares--Number; election.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.34. Voting of shares--Classification.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.35. Voting of shares--Vacancies.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.36. Voting of shares--Quorum.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.37. Voting of shares--Executive committee; powers.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.38. Voting of shares--Place of meetings; special meetings; use of conference telephone.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.39. Voting of shares--Notice of meetings; waiver of notice.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.40. Dividends--Declaration of and payment on outstanding shares; restrictions on payment of dividends.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.41. Dividends--Partial liquidation; restrictions on distribution of assets; vote required for approval.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.42. Liability of directors in certain cases.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.43. Officers--Powers authorized.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.44. Officers--Removal.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.45. Books and records; requirements for right to examine and make extracts therefrom; liability for refusal of right.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.46. Incorporators.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.47. Articles of incorporation--Contents.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.48. Articles of incorporation--Procedure for filing.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.49. Effect of issuance of certificate of incorporation.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.50. Commencement of corporate business restricted.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.51. Organization meeting of directors.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.52. Amendment of articles of incorporation--Contents restricted; purposes.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.53. Amendment of articles of incorporation--Procedure before acceptance of subscriptions to shares.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.54. Amendment of articles of incorporation--Procedure after acceptance of subscriptions to shares.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.55. Amendment of articles of incorporation--Voting by classes.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.56. Articles of amendment--Contents.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.57. Articles of amendment--Procedure for filing.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.58. Effect of certificate of amendment.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.58a. Restated articles of incorporation.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.59. Redemption and cancellation of shares.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.60. Cancellation of reacquired shares.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.61. Reduction of stated capital--Procedure; effect of approval; filing.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.62. Reduction of stated capital--Limitations; paid-in surplus.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.63. Reduction of paid-in surplus.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.64. Procedure for merger.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.65. Procedure for consolidation.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.66. Merger or consolidation--Submission of plan to shareholders; meeting; notice.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.67. Merger or consolidation--Vote required for approval by shareholders.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.68. Articles of merger or consolidation; contents; procedure for filing.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.69. Merger or consolidation--Effective date.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.70. Merger or consolidation--Emergence of surviving or new corporation; cessation of separate existence of corporate parties; rights, privileges, immunities, powers and liabilities; aggregate amount of net assets for payment of dividends.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.71. Merger or consolidation--Domestic and foreign corporations; filing.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.72. Merger or consolidation--Parent corporation and wholly owned subsidiary; effect of certificate of merger.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.72a. Merger or consolidation--Domestic corporation and limited partnership.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.72b. Merger or consolidation--Domestic corporation and limited liability company.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.72c. Merger or consolidation--domestic corporation and partnerships.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.73. Merger or consolidation--Rights of dissenting shareholders.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.74. Sale, lease, exchange, or mortgage of assets in usual and regular course of business.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.75. Sale, lease, exchange, or mortgage of assets other than in usual and regular course of business.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.76. Dissolution of corporation--By voluntary act of incorporators; procedure for filing of articles of dissolution.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.77. Dissolution of corporation--By written consent of shareholders.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.78. Dissolution of corporation--By act of corporation; procedure; vote required for approval.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.79. Dissolution of corporation--Procedure for filing of statement of intent to dissolve.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.80. Dissolution of corporation--Effect of statement of intent to dissolve.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.81. Dissolution of corporation--Liquidation of business and affairs.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.82. Voluntary dissolution proceedings--Revocation by shareholders' written consent.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.83. Voluntary dissolution proceedings--Revocation by act of corporation.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.84. Voluntary dissolution proceedings--Filing of statement of revocation.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.85. Voluntary dissolution proceedings--Effect of statement of revocation.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.86. Articles of dissolution.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.87. Filing of articles of dissolution; effect of certificate of dissolution.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.88. Involuntary dissolution.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.89. Commencement of action for involuntary dissolution; summons; notice.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.90. Liquidation proceedings--Jurisdiction of court.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.91. Liquidation proceedings--Procedure by court; authority of receivers; distribution of assets.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.92. Liquidation proceedings--Qualifications of receivers.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.93. Liquidation proceedings--Filing of claims.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.94. Liquidation proceedings--Discontinuance.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.95. Liquidation proceedings--Decree of involuntary dissolution.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.96. Liquidation proceedings--Filing of decree of dissolution.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.97. Survival of remedy after dissolution.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.98. Report of domestic corporation.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.99. Foreign corporations--Admission to transact business; procurement of certificate of authority limited in certain cases; service of process; rules and regulations.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.100. Foreign corporations--Powers, rights, privileges, duties and liabilities.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.101. Foreign corporations--Corporate name.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.102. Foreign corporations--Change of corporate nam.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.103. Foreign corporations--Application for certificate of authority; contents.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.104. Foreign corporations--Filing of certificate of authority.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.105. Foreign corporations--Effect of certificate of authority.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.106. Foreign corporations--Registered office and registered agent.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.107. Foreign corporations--Change of registered office or registered agent.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.108. Foreign corporations--Service of process; Mayor as agent.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.109. Foreign corporations--Amendment to articles of incorporation.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.110. Foreign corporations--Merger; filing of articles of merger; name change requires new or amended certificate of authority.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.111. Foreign corporations--Amended certificate of authority.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.112. Foreign corporations--Annual report; contents.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.113. Foreign corporations--Withdrawal from doing business in District.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.114. Filing of application for withdrawal; effect of certificate of withdrawal.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.115. Revocation of certificate of authority.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.116. Procedure for issuance of certificate of revocation.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.117. Effect of revocation or withdrawal upon actions and contracts.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.118. Application of chapter to foreign corporations transacting business on chapter's effective date.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.119. Transacting business without certificate of authority; validity of contracts or corporate acts not impaired; liabilities.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.120. Mayor; duties and functions.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.121. Fees and charges.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.122. Effect of failure to pay 2-year report fee or to file annual report.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.123. Proclamation of revocation; effect of publication; extension of term of existence.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.124. Carrying on business after issuance of proclamation.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.125. Correction of error in proclamation.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.126. Proclaimed corporations--Reservation of name.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.127. Proclaimed corporations--Procedure for reinstatement.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.128. Penalties--Failure to file 2-year report on time.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.129. Penalties--Failure to maintain registered office or registered agent.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.130. Penalties--Nonpayment of fees.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.131. Penalties--Noncompliance with provisions of chapter.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.132. Rights and immunities of witnesses.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.133. Monopolies and restraint of trade.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.134. Waiver of notice.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.135. Voting requirements of articles of incorporation.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.136. Requirements of action without meeting.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.137. Procedures for appeal.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.138. Certificates and certified copies of certain documents to be received in evidence.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.139. Unauthorized assumption of corporate powers.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.140. Forms to be furnished by Mayor.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.141. Reincorporation or incorporation of existing corporations.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.142. Effect of issuance of certificate of reincorporation or incorporation.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.143. Duties of Recorder of Deeds transferred to Mayor.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.144. Severability of provisions.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.145. Reservation of right to alter, amend or repeal.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.146. Effective date.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.147. Appropriation of funds.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.148. Use of certified mail.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.149. Civil actions and prosecutions.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.151. Verification no longer required; penalty for misstatement of fact.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.152. Exemption of government agencies from fees levied for Mayor as registered agent.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.153. Domestication.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.154. Effect of domestication.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.155. Close corporations--Law applicable to close corporation.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.156. Close corporations--Close corporation defined; contents of articles of incorporation.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.157. Close corporations--Formation of a close corporation.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.158. Close corporations--Election of existing corporation to become a close corporation.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.159. Close corporations--Limitations on continuation of close corporation status.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.160. Close corporations--Voluntary termination of close corporation status by amendment of articles of incorporation; vote required.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.161. Close corporations--Issuance or transfer of stock of a close corporation in breach of qualifying conditions.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.162. Close corporations--Involuntary termination of close corporation status; proceeding to prevent loss of status.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.163. Close corporations--Corporation option where a restriction on transfer of a security is held invalid.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.164. Close corporations--Agreements restricting discretion of directors.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.165. Close corporations--Management by shareholders.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.166. Close corporations--Appointment of custodian for close corporation.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.167. Close corporations--Appointment of a provisional director in certain cases.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.168. Close corporations--Operating corporation as partnership.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.169. Close corporations--Shareholders' option to dissolve corporation.[Repealed]
§ 29A-101.170. Close corporations--Effect of close corporation provisions on other laws.[Repealed]