• Current through October 23, 2012

(a) On reasonable notice, a member or manager of an unincorporated nonprofit association may inspect and copy during the unincorporated nonprofit association's regular operating hours, at a reasonable location specified by the association, any record maintained by the association regarding its activities, financial condition, and other circumstances, to the extent the information is material to the member's or manager's rights and duties under the governing principles.

(b) An unincorporated nonprofit association may impose reasonable restrictions on access to, and use of, information to be furnished under this section, including designating the information confidential and imposing the obligations of nondisclosure and safeguarding on the recipient.

(c) An unincorporated nonprofit association may charge a person that makes a demand under this section reasonable copying costs, limited to the costs of labor and materials.

(d) A former member or manager shall be entitled to information to which the member or manager was entitled while a member or manager if the information pertains to the period during which the person was a member or manager, the former member or manager seeks the information in good faith, and the former member or manager satisfies subsections (a) through (c) of this section.

(July 2, 2011, D.C. Law 18-378, § 2, 58 DCR 1720.)


Legislative History of Laws

For history of Law 18-378, see notes under § 29-101.01.

Editor's Notes

Former § 29-1121 has been recodified as § 29A-1121.

Uniform Law

This section is based on § 25 of the Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act (2008 Act) . See Vol. 6B , Uniform Laws Annotated, Master Edition or ULA Database on Westlaw.